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The student life student workers excited to host an event

Staying on top of school work in college is an absolute essential. Along with that, having a healthy student life away from your work is equally as important in your journey as a student. Below is a list of four important things to remember about student life, including commentary by the Director of Student Life, David Reyes. If you have any more questions about these events or the role of student life, feel free to email them at or call (214) 333-5611.

  1. SWAT: Student Welcome and Transition (SWAT) is an event that is a must for any incoming students whether a freshman or transfer. Each student is assigned a color team and small group, led by upperclassmen, with which they compete in fun activities.

    David’s thoughts: “SWAT is a time that allows you to connect with other students and meet friends before the busyness of the school year starts. You will get to know upperclassmen, become familiar with campus, and be given the opportunity to meet some of your professors before classes starts. Furthermore, it is a fun way to ease your nerves and start off the year on a good note.”
  2. Welcome Week: Welcome Week takes place during the first week of classes. Each day there is a different event, including a movie night, Coke Break, BSM Coffee House, and a Welcome Back Party, where student organizations and churches set up booths and welcome you to the campus.

    David’s thoughts: “The fun doesn’t end with SWAT. Welcome Week is another chance to get to know new people on campus. There are events every day of the week, giving you plenty of opportunities to plug in.”
  3. Get Involved: The first step to having a social life in college is going out and taking chances by meeting new people. The sooner you get involved, the easier it is to overcome homesickness and thrive at DBU.

    David’s thoughts: “Getting involved as soon as possible on campus is critical to a successful college experience. Some students say they need to get settled before they attend events, but that puts them behind, and there will never be a time when you are perfectly used to the college experience. If you feel that there are not any events or organizations that you relate to, give Student Life a call and let us know your ideas!”
  4. Be Yourself: God has you at DBU for a purpose, and the last thing that you want to do is try to be someone you are not. So while you need to enjoy time outside of your comfort zone, still be who you are and take the time to discover what God has created you to do.

    David’s thoughts: “It’s no surprise that as you walk into your freshman year, there will be a lot of new and exciting things you’ll get to do. But, one thing you can’t forget in the midst of this new season is to be who you are. Even through the change and even in the midst of exciting events, be genuine and true to yourself.”
Written by David Reyes and Helen Schlenker

David Reyes serves as the Director of Student Life at DBU.

Helen Schlenker is a member of University Communications at Dallas Baptist University.