DBU Makes New Academic Appointments

Dr. Michelle Henry (left) as the new Chair of the English Department. Outgoing Chair Dr. Mary Nelson (right) - Dallas, Texas

Dallas, TX – DBU is proud to announce the installation of Dr. Michelle Henry (left) as the new Chair of the English Department. Outgoing Chair Dr. Mary Nelson (right) has been named the new Program Director for the Ph.D. in Leadership Studies within the Cook School of Leadership. The moves will bolster both areas of the University through the diligence, expertise, and creativity of both Dr. Henry and Dr. Nelson.

Dr. Henry has served in the Department of English since July 2005, with a particular passion for African American literature, history, and art. She completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees at Texas A&M University and her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas. Over the course of her career, Dr. Henry has enjoyed the opportunity to develop her passion for ministry through education.

Dr. Nelson chaired the English Department for several years, teaching a variety of courses, including the Great Books seminar in the Ph.D. program of the Cook School of Leadership. She completed her undergraduate degree from Baylor University, received master’s degrees from both Southern Methodist University and Rice University, and earned her Ph.D. from Rice University.

Dr. Adam C. Wright, DBU President, is excited about the recent appointments. “Dr. Nelson has excelled as the Chair of the English Department and her recent academic contributions in the School of Leadership made her an obvious choice for the Ph.D. program director appointment. Dr. Henry’s impact on DBU has also been remarkable. She brings a passion for teaching and mentoring that will be essential as our new Chair of the English Department. Both of these women are exceptional scholars, and I am confident they will lead these two programs to greater heights in the days ahead.”

Both Dr. Henry and Dr. Nelson began their new positions on June 1.

Written by Dr. Mark Cook

Dr. Mark Cook is the Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and Leadership at Dallas Baptist University.