DBU Hosts 2nd Annual Christian Leadership Summit


Dallas, TX - Dallas Baptist University hosted the 2nd annual Christian Leadership Summit for those interested in pursuing M.A., Ed.D., and Ph.D. levels of education in the Gary Cook School of Leadership. The summit was held on Friday, May 29, and Saturday, May 30, in the Patty and Bo Pilgrim Chapel on the DBU campus.

The Gary Cook School of Leadership seeks to equip students further and inspire them beyond the classroom to become global thinkers, share the gospel, and do all things for the glory of God.

On Friday, May 29, DBU held a dinner to kick off the Christian Leadership Summit. During this dinner, there were two awards given to students who have particularly excelled in writing their dissertation in the Gary Cook School of Leadership. Dr. Julio Guarneri, the Lead Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in McAllen, Texas, received the Ph.D. Outstanding Dissertation Award, and Dr. Trevena Taylor, the Vice-Chancellor at the new Cedar Hill Collegiate Preparatory School opening this fall, received the Ed.D. Outstanding Dissertation Award. In addition to these awards, every year, the Jim and Sally Nation award is given to an individual who enriches this program. This year's award was given to Dr. David Walls, the President, and CEO of Austin Industries because of his gracious contribution to the Gary Cook School of Leadership.

On Saturday, May 30, DBU provided breakout sessions, which allowed prospective students to learn about different topics as well as ask questions. These discussions proved to be helpful for those who are thinking about pursuing a degree in leadership on a higher level and allowed each prospect to get face time with professors, deans, and directors of the programs. "We had a great experience engaging in the world of ideas at the recent Christian Leadership Summit," said Dr. Adam Wright, the vice president and dean of the Gary Cook School of Leadership. "Any time you can intentionally gather a group of Christian scholars to sharpen one another from both intellectual and spiritual perspectives, there is Kingdom benefit. In a world dominated by secular thought, there must be room for the Christian to take part in the conversation thoughtfully."

Written by Annie Wells