DBU Receives Reaccreditation from National Association of Schools of Music


Dallas Baptist University recently received a reaccreditation from the National Association of Schools of Music. This reaffirmation represents a four-year study process and signifies DBU's commitment to excellence in its music program.

"We are pleased and excited to have again received full accreditation of our DBU Department of Music from the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM)," stated Ron Bowles, dean of the DBU College of Fine Arts. "This accreditation communicates to the academic and professional world of music our commitment to the highest standards of excellence and education in our music programs at Dallas Baptist University."

Dr. Wes Moore, chair of the music department and associate dean of the College of Fine Arts, led the reaccreditation committee, which included members of the faculty and staff as well as music alumni. The group met for countless hours and produced numerous reports as a part of the necessary in-depth review of the DBU Department of Music. The committee examined the state of DBU's programs, facilities, faculty, equipment, students, degrees, and graduates, while also providing strategic planning, goals, and objectives for the future. The final document was presented to the NASM, who sent an on-site visiting committee to review the study and the school.

This December, DBU received its final approval from the agency, who commended the University for its "extraordinary efforts" to demonstrate the commitment to quality and excellence in the Department of Music.

"This reaffirmation reflects the total commitment of our entire institution and means so much to our music students and alumni as they move forward either into graduate study or careers in music," explained Dr. Moore. "It is a tangible example of DBU's commitment to quality, Christ-centered higher education and to producing students who are able to become servant leaders in their professions.

The NASM is considered to be one of the finest organizations of academic accreditation in any field of study in the United States. The over 600-member NASM institutions develop national accreditation standards and guidelines which create a framework of basic competencies and operational conditions for the various schools of music around the country. DBU has been an institutional member since 2001 and will undergo its next review process in 2022-23.

Written by Dr. Blake Killingsworth

Dr. Blake Killingsworth is the Vice President for Communications at Dallas Baptist University.

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