About the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics houses a variety of STEM, health, and pre-professional programs. With an increasing number of challenges in the world today, fluid job markets, and growth of technology, most fields are in need of individuals who have gained crucial critical thinking skills that academic preparation in science, math, and related areas can provide. Additionally, a degree from Dallas Baptist University will give you a solid Christian worldview foundation in your field through an academic program that includes a nurturing academic environment, guidance from outstanding Christian professors and advisors, and emphasis on servant-leadership.

Mission Statement

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is committed to the goals of faith and learning:

  • Faith in order to provide a spiritual foundation that harmonizes work and quality of life;
  • Learning to develop a lifelong pattern of scholarship and application of knowledge in a constantly changing technological society;
  • Faith and learning to enhance service-learning for all majors in the college;

Goals of the College

The college is committed to the education of learners of all ages to enable them to function successfully in the academic programs of the college or in other respective majors for which general studies support courses are required.

  • All students enrolled in general studies courses offered in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of mastery in their respective course(s) and social and intellectual competencies required for broad-based effective performance in their chosen majors.
  • All graduates of the College of Natural Science and Mathematics will receive an education at Dallas Baptist University which makes them competitive with peers with similar degrees from other comparable major programs in biology, cell biology, computer science, computer information science, cybersecurity, environmental science, health sciences, kinesiology, macrobiology, mathematics, and natural sciences.
  • The faculty in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will demonstrate excellence in teaching and continue to learn and grow academically, professionally, and in faith, effectively servicing the academic needs of our students.
  • The students in the major programs of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will demonstrate service-learning/leadership in selected required core major course(s).