How DBU Prepares Students for Careers in Engineering

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DBU's Associate Engineering Degree Equips You for the Future

"Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made." - John 1:3 NIV

Engineering is a broad and technical profession with numerous opportunities to serve society. Engineers design and implement systems and products that influence multiple aspects of our daily lives.

If you feel called by God to contribute to this dynamic and impactful industry, beginning your journey with an Associate of Engineering degree can be an excellent starting point.

At Dallas Baptist University, we offer an Associate of Engineering degree that serves as an excellent foundational option. Unique in its Christ-centered approach, our program was developed to further DBU's mission and establish servant leaders in the engineering field.

Providing a Foundational Understanding of Engineering

DBU's two-year Associate of Engineering program provides students with four foundational tracks of study, including mechanical, electrical, biomedical, and computer science.

The Associate of Engineering program at DBU is distinguished by its emphasis on hands-on learning opportunities, which include conducting lab work off campus and learning in manufacturing and industrial settings with instruction from industry professionals.

Communication is important both in the engineering profession and in serving others. DBU teaches students the importance of teamwork and the need for excellent speaking, listening, visual, and interpersonal skills, equipping students for Engineering School admissions.

After completing the two-year Associate of Engineering program at DBU, students are well-prepared to seek admission at a receiving institution to pursue the remainder of their four-year engineering degree. DBU actively builds relationships with the best undergraduate engineering programs and schools to receive DBU graduates, ensuring a smooth transition to complete a Bachelor of Science in engineering.

DBU's Associate of Engineering Program partners with Baylor University to provide a seamless pathway for students pursuing engineering degrees in their junior and senior years. This partnership not only offers the opportunity to be educated in a Christian environment but also provides a clear path for DBU students to complete their engineering degree by transferring to Baylor, giving students confidence in their educational journey.

Engineering Employment Opportunities

Because the field of engineering is so broad, engineering graduates with a bachelor's degree may work in computer systems, telecommunications, machinery, auto, aircraft and spacecraft, power plants, robotics, medical equipment and prosthetics, manufacturing systems, appliances, and so many more industries. Some might even choose to continue their education by attending graduate school programs.

What's more, engineering is a growing industry with a competitive salary. The average job growth rate projected between 2021 and 2031 is 5% — with many occupations growing far more significantly than that — with a median salary that is more than double that of all U.S. occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The following is a small snapshot of jobs available for those with a bachelor's degree in engineering. You can explore more options on Indeed's Career Guide

Software Developer

Software developers design computer applications and programs to meet users' needs, while software quality assurance analysts and testers implement tests to identify issues or problems with those applications and programs. The BLS projects the overall employment of software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers to grow 25% from 2022 to 2032, which is much faster than the average for all other occupations.

Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers devise systems that efficiently integrate workers with the machines and materials they use. For example, when observing challenges, industrial engineers may watch workers assembling parts in a factory. When solving problems, they may analyze computer data that they or others have collected. The BLS projects the employment of industrial engineers to grow by 12% from 2022 to 2032.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers plan, design, build, construct, and supervise the construction and maintenance of public and private infrastructure projects, including airports, roads, bridges, and water supply systems. They also may assess whether a project is sustainable and how it may affect the environment. The BLS projects that the employment of civil engineers will grow by 5% from 2022 to 2032.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers design, develop, build, assess, and test mechanical and thermal sensors and devices while troubleshooting problems to repair. They also conduct experiments to improve product designs. Employment of mechanical engineers is projected to grow 10% from 2022 to 2032. 

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and implement the manufacture of electrical equipment and devices, including motors, power generators, and communication systems. They may also oversee various elements to uphold and ensure quality standards. Overall employment of electrical and electronics engineers is projected to grow 5% from 2022 to 2032.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of your career options, either! From IT consultants to chemical engineers, architectural and engineering managers, and many other opportunities, there are numerous career paths available for those pursuing a degree in engineering. Dallas Baptist University is ready to equip you on your journey with our associate of engineering degree.

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