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We Have Seen His Glory

Christmas Carol: Blessed Jesus

The Unassuming Bethlehem Stable

by Nate Salah

If you could travel to any time during the life of Jesus, when would it be? Perhaps it would be to sit at his feet and marvel with the religious scholars as the twelve-year-old messiah brilliantly unfolded scripture. Or maybe you would witness Jesus being baptized, watching heaven open and the Father speak, "This is my Son in whom I am well pleased." Would it be on that boat, tossing violently in the Sea of Galilee, as Jesus magnificently calmed the storm with his hand? How about to witness Jesus say, "Lazarus, come forth" and (as your jaw drops), watch Lazarus arise after four days in a tomb? Or even yet, to be there when Jesus ascended to heaven?

Of all the moments preserved in gospel history, my top pick would be to visit a time much more personal and outwardly unremarkable: that first-century manger in Bethlehem. Imagine seeing Mary holding her precious newborn baby boy – a heart heavy with hope and fear and love of what was to come. See the sweet tears rolling off her cheeks as her gaze met Joseph’s hand tenderly wiping her face. Hear him softly ask, "What will we call him?" and through the quiet weeping, hear her utter those eternal words…"Yeshua."

Yeshua. It means salvation…the one who saves.

Each year, as we approach Advent, the world around us indeed calls us to save, albeit not in the same way as God. The world’s idea to save is on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime, one-click ordering, and the like. Midnight shopping and early bird specials flood our news streams. The material world would have us believe that the Season is about giving...things. And sure, who doesn’t love gifts or a sweet deal?

But salvation – that is what was on Mary’s heart and mind, and in her hands as she kissed the very face of God. This child that she delivered would soon deliver her. Mary, did you know?

How about you? Did you know that her baby boy would make the blind to see? Did you know her baby boy is heaven’s perfect lamb? Did you know that her baby boy has come to make you new? Did you know? This Advent, may we know Jesus. May we quiet the frenzied spirit and share a moment with Mary in that unassuming Bethlehem stable to meditate and rejoice with salvation, with the one who truly saves, with Yeshua.

Click the play button above to hear "Blessed Jesus" performed by Tiffany Walker

Recording Engineer: Josh Maple and Jared Smith | Written by: Tiffany Walker, Adolphe Adam, and John S. Dwight | Arranged by: Tiffany Walker

Nate Salah, Business Advisor at Accountrely, is a current Ph.D. in Leadership Studies student with a concentration in General Leadership at Dallas Baptist University.

Tiffany Walker is a current senior majoring in Music Business at Dallas Baptist University.

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