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Christmas Carol: Still Still Still

The Overwhelming Peace of Being Still

by Lori Massey

One of my most cherished Christmas memories is when my daughter, Rachel, then thirteen, accompanied me to our church's midnight candlelight Christmas Eve Service. This particular Christmas Eve, Rachel was finally old enough to be one of our elves and stayed up to help wrap presents for her brothers. When the last present was wrapped, I said, "Hey, do you want to do something crazy?" Curious as to why her non-spontaneous mother might suggest something "crazy" on Christmas Eve, she timidly replied, "I guess so." I suggested we attend the midnight service at church, and she quickly responded with a resounding, "Yes!"

Not having attended a midnight service since before she was born, I was not sure whether that night's service would measure up to the services of my memories. Of course, God has a special way of surpassing expectations; the service did not disappoint. What struck me then, and what comes to mind now, was the music. Songs such as "O Come All Ye Faithful" and "Oh Holy Night" helped pull me away from my preoccupations and forced me to be still, to be in the moment. The stillness caused me to reflect upon where I was and upon the glorious gift we had received. It renewed in me the hope and expectation for what was yet to come. Only in stillness could I feel the presence of the Lord among us.

That Christmas Eve, as the lights dimmed and we began singing "Silent Night," we passed the flame from wick to wick until the final stanza of the song was sung by candlelight. We stood there together, all of us singing as one. Hundreds of voices harmonized while the flames flickered all around, creating movement in the shadows in an otherwise still sanctuary. I looked at my daughter and at the congregation illuminated in a peaceful candle lit glow, and with tears in my eyes, I realized just how much I had missed that feeling—that feeling you get when you submit to being still and allowing God to stand beside you and be with you, that overwhelmingly peaceful feeling that fills your soul when you stop and surrender to all that is good, and all that is right, and all that is holy.

Still, still, still

This Christmas season, as we near the eve of our Savior’s birth, and as we dream of the joyous day to come, be intentional with your time. Take time to read a favorite scripture. Take time to sing a Christmas carol from your youth. And take time to reflect on your own cherished memories from Christmases past. But most importantly, take time to be still, for we are wisely told, "Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10 NIV). And in that stillness, may the peaceful and gentle spirit of the Lord give you strength and renew in you the anticipation of what is yet to come.

Click the play button above to hear "Still Still Still" performed by DBU University Chorale

Recording Engineer: Klair Julian | Austrian Carol | Arranged by: Norman Luboff, Marilyn Keith, and Alan Bergman

Lori Massey, Girls' Guidance Counselor at Southwest Christian School, is a current Ph.D. in Leadership Studies student with a concentration in Higher Education at Dallas Baptist University.

The DBU University Chorale is an auditioned, touring choral ensemble featuring DBU music and music business students. In addition to tours in Europe, the Chorale has performed throughout the United States, with notable concerts at Carnegie Hall, the National Cathedral, and The White House.

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