Our Continual Need for a Savior

by Brian Bayani

Day 21 of Advent

Have you ever thanked God for a flat tire? What about the loss of a job? It is challenging to be thankful in times of trial often because we are focused only on what is directly in front of us. What if that flat tire kept you off the highway at the moment a distracted driver swerved in to opposing traffic? What if the loss of that job made you available for a truly outstanding opportunity that you would have otherwise missed?

When Adam ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, he was made to feel shame, banished from Eden, and destined to an eventual mortal death. I imagine it was difficult for Adam to be thankful for the consequences of his sin. Even through this fall, however, God offered hope. God promised enmity between Satan and mankind and that Satan's evil would one day be defeated, though not without suffering. It was because of Adam's sin that we were given God's greatest gift—a baby born in Bethlehem who would die for our sins and rise from the grave to give us eternal life.

The word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. - John 1:14a NIV

Had Adam and Eve not eaten the forbidden fruit, there would have been no need for Christ to become man. There would have been no need for us to be given the gift of God's grace, but that is not the case. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus" (Romans 3:23-24 NIV). That is not to say that the fall was a good thing, but what was fortunate in the fall is that our God overcame evil with good. He did then. And He does now.

It is easy to look back in hindsight and be thankful once we can measure our blessings. The true challenge is being thankful during struggle before we know the outcome. In your prayers today, consider thanking God for the blessings you have yet to receive.

Blessed be the time that apple taken was, Therefore we maun singen: Deo gratias!

Click the play button above to hear "Adam Lay Ybounden" performed by DBU University Chorale

Recording Engineer: Klair Julian | Medieval English Carol | Arranged by: Michael Trotta

Brian Bayani, Executive Director at Northwest Community Health, is a current Ph.D. in Leadership Studies student with a concentration in Business at Dallas Baptist University.

The DBU University Chorale is an auditioned, touring choral ensemble featuring DBU music and music business students. In addition to tours in Europe, the Chorale has performed throughout the United States, with notable concerts at Carnegie Hall, the National Cathedral, and The White House.