About the Women's Auxiliary Board

Who We Are

We are women and friends of DBU who support DBU through our prayers, service, and giving to further the mission of the University. 

What We Do

We actively pray for DBU and its students, serve the University with special projects and conferences, and give generously to support DBU's needs. We meet three times each year for luncheons and once for our membership tea. We also serve at various events on the DBU campus throughout the year. 

Why We Exist

We exist to provide unity to the friends of DBU who want to stay connected to DBU and support DBU's mission to provide Christ-centered higher education.


Charla Vinyard, President

Jacque Delkus, President-Elect

Joyce Andres, Vice President of Membership

Molly Taylor, Vice President of Special Events

Dianne Beckham, Vice President of Publicity

Beth Grace, Secretary

Stefanie Roberts, Assistant Secretary

Allison Arnold, Corresponding Secretary

Elaine Schneider, Treasurer

Patty Lovvorn, Chaplain

Mary Brigham, Historian

Kathy Knight, Parliamentarian

Melanie Rogers, Ministry to Missionaries' Children

Bobbie Pinson, Telephone

Katherine Coker, Yearbook

Leigh Gettman-Allen, New Students

Candy Dowd, Bylaws

Christy Gandy, International Students

Susan Graves, At-Large Member

Kaye Dawn Lunsford, At-Large Member

Candice Wright, President's Wife

Sheila Cook, Chancellor's Wife

Leslie Moulton, Executive Director

leslie@dbu.edu | 214-333-5278 

Katy Taylor, Assistant to the Executive Director

katy@dbu.edu | 214-333-7239