Rush Week

DBU follows a formal Rush model. Students interested in participating in Rush Week must register prior to the beginning of Rush events. The application helps organizations/groups learn more about each interested student before Rush begins.

Rush Week gives prospective new members an opportunity to get to know the active members of all the sororities and fraternities. Sorority and Fraternity Rushees will be placed in small groups called Rho Phi’s (Rush Families) and guided to the various Rush activities by their appointed Rho Phi leader.

Important Rush Dates

  •  Rush Application opens Monday, September 18th, 2023.
  •  Rush Week 2024 will take place January 22-26, 2024.

The Rush Process

Each sorority and fraternity chapter will host opportunities each night of Rush Week for prospective new members to meet active members, fellowship, have fun, ask questions, and become familiar with the distinctive characteristics of each chapter. After each round of activities, prospective new members will have a better idea of which chapters they feel the best fit. Once all Rush activities have concluded, each chapter will select which Rush participants they would like to offer bids for membership. This selection process by active chapter members and chapter advisors is conducted through sincere peer evaluation, reflective discussion, and fervent prayerful consideration. Once each sorority and fraternity has made their selections for membership bids, the Bid List is submitted to the Director of Student Life Office for final review, approval, and processing.

Bid Day

On Bid Day, each new student bid recipient will be provided with a Bid Card indicating the chapter(s) that has offered the student a bid for sorority or fraternity membership. Each student will indicate if he or she accepts or declines their bid. Students accepting chapter bids are then presented to their new fraternity brothers or sorority sisters at Bid Day festivities on the last day of Rush. This presentation marks the beginning of the student’s affiliation with his or her Greek chapter as the student moves from a prospective new member to Pledge.