New Students

We are so excited that you have decided to take online classes at DBU. We sincerely pray that God will bless you as you pursue His calling for your life. Once you have been accepted and registered for classes, we will send you a welcome letter complete with all the necessary instructions to get started. One important piece of information to note is that your classes will not become available until the first day of the semester. Below you will find helpful links to assist you in getting started as a new online student.

Getting Started

DBU will confirm your enrollment in your classes by sending out a welcome e-mail. Your course material and syllabus will be available in Blackboard on the determined day the first class day of the Fall Semester.

As a new online student, you will need to gain access to your online accounts before the start of your first term.
There are three accounts that require login information:

  • WebAdvisor
  • DBU Email
  • Blackboard

Note: If you do not have your ID card, you will need to call the Programming Department to obtain your ID number and security code at (214) 333-6834. When speaking to the Programming Department, identify yourself as an online student.
In order to create your login ID:

  • Go to
  • Click on "WebAdvisor" link at the top right menu.
  • Click "Students".
  • Click "I’m New To WebAdvisor".

For more detailed instruction on the process, please read the Account Access Setup Documentation. If you have trouble and need further assistance, contact the Information Technology Department at 214-333-5500. Once your login ID is created successfully, you may log into your DBU accounts.

  • Go to to access Blackboard.
  • Click on the Login button in the middle of the screen.
  • Enter your username: will be assigned to you
  • Your password is your WebAdvisor password.

To manage your WebAdvisor login and password, go to Account Access Setup found in the WebAdvisor for Students Menu. For further assistance, you may call DBU’s  Information Technology Department at 214-333-5500.

Please note that all students must use their DBU email account for receiving messages from the University and Online Education. All course messages are sent in a 'Class Email' tool found inside each course in Blackboard.

Your first step after logging into the course is to review the 'Begin Here' link. Professors will provide general introductory information to the course. Your next step is to print out the course schedule found in the 'Course Schedule' link. It lists the due dates of all assignments and projects. All your assignments are located in the 'Course Material' link. Please remember that DBU Online courses are not self-paced. They begin on the first day of the semester and end on the last day of the semester. Be prepared to spend 10 to 15 hours per week per course completing the lecture reading and assignments. Allow sufficient time for technical difficulties and do not wait until the last moment to submit your assignments. Have a back-up plan for each submission. Online professors require class participation through a tool called 'Discussion Board.' Be active in these discussions; contribute early and frequently to help stimulate conversation. Remember: Your class participation in the online course counts as your attendance in the class. Login, be active, and participate!

Attendance Policy

Weekly student participation and response in online/hybrid courses are considered necessary factors in the learning process. In this form of computer-based learning, weekly course participation is equivalent to class attendance. Online participation may include: e-mail to faculty/class members, response to a bulletin board posting, an assignment being turned in, and other communication reflecting ongoing learning in the course. If no student response occurs during a week of the term, the student is considered absent. According to DBU academic policy, attendance in class is considered a necessary factor in the learning process. Therefore, absences for all reasons must be kept to a minimum and should not exceed 25% of the total class time. Students are held responsible for all academic work required or performed during their absence regardless of the reasons for those absences. The policy further states that violations of the attendance policy could result in the student receiving a grade of F. In an online/hybrid class environment, participation will equate with attendance.

You have been automatically enrolled in our Online Student Orientation course. This course offers tutorials in threaded discussions, online chats, and an online quiz. All DBU Online students are advised to complete the Online Student Orientation before accessing your course(s). Online professors may give quizzes relating to information contained in the Online Student Orientation course. This course is available in your 'My DBU' tab or can be accessed by following these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Login button.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on Student Online Orientation under the "My Organizations" section of your homepage.
  • You may enter and exit this course as many times as you wish throughout the semester.

The minimum technology requirement includes a computer with an internet connection and an internet browser. Webcam, microphone, speakers, and a high-speed internet connection are strongly recommended. Through your DBU Office 365 account, you will have access to the web version of the Microsoft suite. If you have questions regarding the purchase of a computer, please contact DBU's Information Technology Help Desk at 214-333-5500 in order to receive the latest information about computer specifications. We are here to support you.

Book(s) can be purchased online through Barnes & Noble at DBU Online or by visiting the on-campus bookstore. Please have your course, section number, and instructor name available.

You may drop a course(s) with no change in your permanent record if you do so before the drop deadline for online courses found in the Schedule of Classes. You will receive a grade of “W” if you drop a course(s) during the withdrawal period for the term. The current Schedule of Classes, including drop and withdrawal dates for online classes, is available on the Academic Schedule. The student is responsible, in every situation, for making sure the form for the drop or withdrawal progresses through each step in the process, whether conducted in person or via fax, email, or telephone conversations. Emailing your professor without filling out the proper paperwork does not constitute a valid drop or withdrawal from the course(s).

You are cautioned that:

  1. Application for graduation must be made before the published deadline (See Academic Calendar) and preferably at least one semester before the semester of graduation.
  2. All grades must be officially transmitted to the Registrar's Office at least four days prior to the date of graduation
  3. Applicants who apply for graduation and fail to meet requirements must reapply.

The Application to Graduate forms are available at the Registrar website. We are readily available to assist you, so please contact the Online Education office if you have any questions regarding your DBU Online courses.

  • If you require technical help, please call the DBU Online Technical Help Desk at 1-866-264-1560 for assistance 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.
  • If you have any questions during regular business hours, please feel free to contact the Online Education office at 214-333-6893.