DBU's Online Programs FAQs

While we have a variety of different class lengths, our online classes are typically 16 weeks in the fall and spring semesters, 10 weeks in the summer term, and winter courses are usually either 4 or 8 weeks long.

It depends on how many hours you need to complete your degree. For an undergraduate student, full-time students can usually take around 36 hours a year. For a full time graduate student, you can usually take 25 hours a year. Of course, you can take more or less depending on your schedule and time you have to commit. Your advisor will help guide you through this process.

We have 75+ degree programs available fully online.

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All fully online classes at DBU are taught in an asynchronous format. Our face-to-face classes will occasionally make use of Blackboard to deliver asynchronous and synchronous assignments.

While there can be exceptions, generally online classes begin 4 times a year: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

No problem! Students at DBU can take any combination of online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes that they wish. Some of our online students travel to DBU’s main campus to take 1 week mini terms in order to complete their degrees more quickly.

It is important to remember that tuition and cost of attendance are not always the same thing. DBU has very few fees, so the cost of attendance can actually be lower when compared to other universities.

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There are a variety of different scholarships available to students at DBU.

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All of our admissions candidates are considered on an individual basis. While it can vary, generally we expect a decision within a week of a completed admissions file being submitted. Should you have questions regarding the status of your application, feel free to call us at 214-333-6893.

The minimum technology requirement includes a computer with an internet connection and an internet browser. Webcam, microphone, speakers and a high-speed internet connection are strongly recommended. Through your DBU Office 365 account, you will have access to the web version of the Microsoft suite.

If you have questions regarding the purchase of a computer, please contact DBU's Information Technology Help Desk at 214-333-5500 in order to receive the latest information about computer specifications. We are here to support you.