All accepted students are eligible for Dallas Baptist University’s debate scholarship, totaling $1,000 per year towards tuition for each member. Members are responsible for debating against teammates on a weekly basis and are required to regularly attend weekly program meetings, attend 75% of the team’s competitions at preliminary tournaments, and attend the national tournament. As a precursor to competitive travel, newly accepted students must complete at least six practice rounds against teammates.


Students interested in applying for the Dallas Baptist University Debate Team must complete the three steps below.

All students are required to submit a completed team application form. This three-page, downloadable form requests basic personal, academic, and forensic information from applicants.

All students are required to submit two letters of recommendation for application. Ideal recommendations come from debate coaches, but other potential recommenders include professors, teachers, bosses, or mentors. Neither recommender may be a relative.

Students with previous debate experience are required to submit a forensic resume for application. Students with no previous experience are exempt from this requirement. A forensic resume should provide a detailed summary of previous speech and debate (aka forensic) accomplishments and awards. It should serve as a catalog of forensic activities that applicants believe would make them an ideal candidate for the team roster.

Once these items are complete, submit the finished documents in PDF format to, and a program officer will reach out to schedule an interview. Please contact us with any questions regarding the application process.