Make Your Own College Bucket List with These 20+ Ideas

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A new school year is full of excitement: new classes, fun events, old friends, and cherished traditions. A college bucket list will help you make the most of this year. If you still need to create your list, here are some great ideas to get started.

Explore Campus to Its Fullest

Before leaving college, make sure you've explored campus to the fullest with these senior year bucket list ideas.

Eat at Every Dining Spot

You can't leave college without trying every on-campus dining spot. Check the hours and locations to plan for eating your way across campus this year. You might even find a new favorite!

Challenge Your Friends to a Scavenger Hunt

How well do you know the campus? Ask friends, professors, and community members to make a list of places or landmarks on campus that you'll need to find. Grab a few teammates and head off on the search. Make sure to take a picture with each item to prove you were there.

Attend a School Play or Performance

If you still need to make it to a campus performance, check this one off the list. There are so many talented student productions, most of which are more affordable than entertainment in the off-campus world.

Have a Picnic

Pull out all the stops for this bucket list item. Pack a picnic basket, bring a checkered blanket, and meet your friends in a grassy spot for a fun outdoor lunch. You can even make this a weekly event!

Take an Unusual Class

Most of your classes will align with your major, but take advantage of the chance to take something special just for fun.

Celebrate Christmas on Campus

Even if you go home for the holidays, don't miss the chance to celebrate on campus, too. Grab your friends and attend Christmas on the Hill at DBU where you can enjoy the tree lighting, hot chocolate, and a carriage ride. This is definitely a college tradition.

Expand Your Social Network (in Real Life)

The best college bucket list helps you enjoy new activities and build meaningful relationships.

Join a Club

It might seem like senior year is too late to join a new club, but branching out during your final semesters on campus will help you make even more lifelong friendships. Check the list of student organizations to find one that speaks to your spiritual, academic, or social goals.

Attend a New School Event

With so many exciting things happening on campus, it's easy to miss some of the fun events over the years. Check the school event calendar and choose something you've never done before. After all, it's your last chance!

Volunteer in the Community

Your bucket list for college should include leaving a mark on the community around campus. Find a volunteer opportunity in the Dallas area and commit to serving this year.

Meet an International Student

Dallas Baptist University has hosted students from over 70 countries throughout the years. Take advantage of this global connection to meet an international student and expand your horizons. These international events are a great place to start.

Cheer from the Student Section

Be part of the energy in DBU's Blue Brigade section at all home games. You'll meet other students and get to experience a game from the most spirited seats in the stadium.

Have Coffee with a Professor

Your instructors have a wealth of information beyond the classroom. Schedule a coffee break to get their advice about jobs, life after college, faith, and even what to do if you don't know what's next.

Check Your Quintessentially College To-Do List

Some of these bucket list ideas may seem crazy, but there are a few classic college traditions that everyone should experience before graduation.

Pull an All-Nighter

While we usually condone getting plenty of rest, college students are known for their late-night study sessions. Before you graduate, join in this tradition by staying up all night to finish homework or prep for an exam. It helps to have some delicious snacks on hand!

Take a Road Trip

Heading out on an adventure should be at the top of your bucket list for college. Explore a nearby town or travel farther over a long weekend. Music festivals are a great destination!

Paint Your Face

Share your school spirit with the world and paint your face before a big game. Choose red, white, and blue designs, or keep it simple with DBU! Add a personal touch to make your artwork memorable, or coordinate with a group of friends.

Embrace Spring Break Spirit

Having a truly memorable spring break is on every college student's bucket list. Whether you can travel far from school or need to stay in town, plan to embrace the crazy and energetic spirit of spring break. Take plenty of pictures, eat at new places, stay up late, and spend as much time as possible with friends.

Take a Nap in the Library

Whether you fall asleep from too much studying or just because that window seat is so cozy, taking a nap in the library is definitely one of the crazy bucket list items you shouldn't skip. Set your alarm to ensure you don't miss the next class, though!

Order a School Ring

Wear your Cross Ring with pride both on and off campus. It will be one of your most treasured mementos from DBU!

Go to a Party

Whether it's hosted by a friend or at a venue in town, going to a party in college is a must-have experience. DBU student life even hosts an All Night Party every spring, so get ready for some midnight fun!

Say "YES!" to Something New

College is a time of exploration and growth. Take the chance to say yes to something outside your comfort zone. Whether that's karaoke, becoming a mentor, or applying for a prestigious scholarship, this is the time to go for it!

Make the most of your time at DBU and enjoy the adventure. "This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118:24 CSB)

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