5 Reasons to Consider a Christian Liberal Arts Education


The value of higher education, especially in the Christian liberal arts, has been challenged by the secular media in recent years. Any college education is going to be an investment of time and resources. However, an investment in the transformative power of higher education will pay off for your career and calling.

That said, as a believer, you may have also wondered or even struggled with reconciling your faith while pursuing "worldly" knowledge. That's where a Christian liberal arts education can be so valuable; it provides you with the tools to equip your professional career and navigate and grow in your faith.

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you." - Psalm 32:8 NIV

What Exactly Is Christian Liberal Arts?

A liberal arts education essentially exposes you to ideas and subjects like history, literature, philosophy and ethics, the arts, math, and science to provide you with knowledge, instill wisdom, and teach you how to think and communicate in engaged ways.

By studying the liberal arts at a Christian college or university, you explore these ideas through a biblical, faith-based lens.

The Value of a Christian Liberal Arts Education

Here are five reasons to consider a liberal arts education at a Christian college.

1. Integrate Your Faith and Your Learning

The best Christian colleges like DBU provide something that the best public institutions cannot — the integration of faith and learning. Every class — not just religion or Bible courses — is taught from a Christian worldview and integrates the relevance of scripture into every discipline.

Integration helps students see the unification of truth and knowledge, particularly concerning God's will and purposes for His creation. Students understand that what they are learning in every subject has an eternal significance to God's glory and the service of others beyond pursuing a fulfilling or financially successful career.

2. Strengthen Your Biblical Worldview

With a biblical worldview as the foundation, Christian college students are challenged at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels to do more than pray about their studies and read their Bibles.

At DBU, we show students how to explore and analyze their chosen disciplines and bring them to bear under the light of Scripture. They'll also learn the latest innovations from various fields and philosophical backgrounds while becoming equipped to infuse the Christian faith into every aspect of their study.

3. Learn from Caring Faculty

At a Christian university like DBU, you will have professors marked by service and a genuine desire to connect with their students. Caring faculty will pray with and for you and will even be there to offer wisdom and encouragement for other life challenges you may face beyond academics.

4. Gain a Supportive Community

The faculty and staff share a joint mission and vision to serve and support students in a Christ-like manner. Students also have classes with others who share similar spiritual and ethical values. At DBU, every day, we see the student body discovering lifelong friends with a mutual love for the Lord and a passion for serving Christ in their vocations.

5. It's More Affordable Than You Think

People often think of private institutions as more expensive than public institutions. Yet, the latter generally add more fees in addition to tuition, whereas private schools like DBU add fewer fees.

More assistance is often available for students attending private institutions; DBU offers competitive tuition discounts and scholarships based on merit and individual needs. Several scholarships and grants are also available for students at Christian universities, so it is not uncommon for a student attending a state institution to pay more than a student attending a Christian university.


The result of a Christian liberal arts education is more than just an excellent education within a Christian environment. It is more than just a prayer at the beginning of class, a chapel service during the week, or a cross on the campus. It is the development of Christian doctors, lawyers, teachers, and citizens. It is answering the world's desperate cry for servant leaders and leaders who are excellent at what they do and have a passion for serving others.

Since 1898, Dallas Baptist University has been a Dallas Christian college providing Christ-centered higher education in the arts and sciences. As such, it's among the best Christian colleges in Texas. Learn more about DBU.

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