Semester Long CCCU Programs

For several decades, DBU has been a participating member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). Through the CCCU, DBU students have the opportunity to take part in unique semester-long programs across the globe. Students have the opportunity to dive into history, literature, philosophy in Oxford, hone their skills in music and artistry in Nashville, or discover the Irish culture and history in Ireland. Some of these programs that CCCU has offered in the past are listed below. Please visit the full CCCU GlobalEd website for current and upcoming program opportunities.

  • Oxford
  • Middle East
  • Uganda
  • Nazareth
  • Los Angeles
  • Washington D.C.

Program Application Process

Step 1

  • See the link above to explore the opportunities that CCCU offers. Read about the site location, program credits offered, price, and more to determine if it is a direction that you want to take. 

Step 2

  • Schedule a meeting with the Dean of Global Studies to discuss what this process would look like moving forward and how your classes will count for DBU credit.

Step 3

  • Sit down with your advisor to make sure the track you are choosing to participate in with CCCU will work in your degree plan. Discuss how classes will fit and what they will take the place of in your current DBU degree plan.

Step 4

  • Apply for your program of choice with the CCCU, located on their website. Make note of deadlines and important dates for paperwork to be submitted.

Step 5

  • Submit any forms requested by the DBU Office of Global Studies. Touch base with the office to discuss the next steps and registration for your time in the CCCU program.