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Ed.D. in Educational Leadership – K-12 Leadership Concentration

The purpose of the Dallas Baptist University Ed.D. in Educational Leadership K-12 program is to provide Christ-centered, quality, research-based doctoral studies in the area of educational leadership to adult practitioner-learners in order to produce servant leaders who have the ability to integrate faith and learning for the purpose of school improvement.

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership K-12 emphasizes a practical approach to leadership development that accentuates the servant leadership model. This degree program is for individuals who intend to put their skills into practice through positions of leadership within K-12 educational institutions. DBU's purpose is to provide a transforming, Christ-centered, quality education. Our desire is to produce servant leaders who are trained to develop other leaders through the knowledge and skills gained in this doctoral program.

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership K-12 program is a partner with the North Texas Regional Consortium of High Performing Districts, providing doctoral education to 11 key districts in North Texas.

Students and alumni of the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership K-12 experience many areas of growth including job promotions. 81% of our graduates had a job change or promotion from the time that they entered into the program until they graduated. 71% of our current students have experienced job changes and advancements during their time in the doctoral program.

Program distinctives:

  • Christ-Centered education
  • Academically rigorous
  • Practitioner focus
  • Value beyond price
  • Applicable for public, private, and charter school leaders
  • Servant leadership model incorporating service learning

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"I chose DBU's Ed.D. program because I knew it would be an invaluable learning experience. Not only would I gain practical tools, but also spiritual principles that would help me fulfill and excel as a workplace leader."

– Kimberly Williams
School Counselor, Grand Prairie ISD, Cohort V

"As an older student, I have found a whole new world of knowledge and have been inspired by my cohort colleagues to continue my professional growth."

– Susie Casstevens
Research Librarian, DBU, Cohort III

"DBU offers a rigorous cohort program designed to engage the family-minded, successful professional. The schedule allows you to compartmentalize life and responsibilities with intense focus at specific times. Having completed 201 hours in the state school environment, this experience has been unique in terms of access to staff in a supportive environment where 'everybody knows your name.'"

– Jeremy L. Earnhart
CEO, Music for All, Cohort I

"When I decided to move forward on pursuing my doctorate, DBU was my only choice. With a focus on Christ and servant leadership, it was a perfect choice for me. The relationships I have started here will travel with me the rest of my life."

– Lorene Ownby
Executive Director of Elementary Education, Birdville ISD, Cohort I

"DBU is an amazing place to challenge yourself to be the leader God has created you to be. I am so excited about what God is going to do in my life over the next four years. In the short time I have been at DBU, God has reignited my passion and love for learning. The professors at DBU have a wealth of real-world experience that is invaluable for me as a future leader in Texas education."

– James Howard
Principal, Garland ISD, Cohort V

"At DBU, I feel as though compassion will be emphasized as a key component of effective leadership. I know that I will leave DBU prepared to boldly lead educational practice; to influence political systems; to apply methods of social/educational research to the conduct of inquiry; and to promote authenticity, equity, and diversity in education."

– Jeannette Ginther
Senior Clinical Lecturer, UNT, Cohort V

"Being selected as a doctoral candidate at DBU has revitalized me both spiritually and professionally. I am grateful to learn from professors who inspire me to be a servant leader and to be a change maker in our schools. Working through the doctoral coursework with a cohort has been an encouraging process, and our cohort has become very close. I know they will be people I will stay in contact with long after I walk across the stage!"

– Jackie Gorena
Director of Human Resources, Irving ISD, Cohort I

"The DBU program offers a built-in support system through the intimate cohort of students, small class sizes, and flexible schedule. I would not be able to complete the program without this type of schedule for our classes and without the support of my peers. The professors are also extremely helpful with networking and future career planning."

– April Estrada
Director of Special Programs, Highland Park ISD, Cohort IV

"The DBU Cohort model for the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership K-12 has been both a professionally and academically enriching experience. Learning together while building life-long relationships among the cohort members is truly preparing us to become cutting-edge, collaborative educational leaders."

– Fela Mathy
Director of Fine Arts, Lovejoy ISD, Cohort III

"I am extremely thankful for the professionals in my cohort, my professors, and Dallas Baptist University. God has used this program to stretch me professionally and personally. As a professional, the study has been relevant and engaging. As a Christian, I see God using this program to draw me closer to Him. What more could one ask?"

– Jeff Russell
Principal, Decatur ISD, Cohort IV

"I selected Dallas Baptist University because the program places top priority on producing leaders who will boldly work toward providing education that prepares K-12 students for the demands of a globalized workforce. The DBU approach ensures leaders are reading, studying, and discussing the most pressing issues facing education today. The design of the courses and the use of a cohort model underscore the commitment of DBU to their students. DBU is a place where students are valued, learning is relevant, and leadership development is held in high regard. I believe this next generation of leaders, produced by DBU, will have a profound impact on education for years to come."

– Lori Rapp
Assistant Superintendent of Learning & Teaching, Lewisville ISD, Cohort V

"The Ed.D. program at DBU has been a challenging undertaking, and it has allowed me to grow both personally and as a professional. The coursework allows for practical application and the opportunity for meaningful collaboration among peers and professors. The schedule is perfect for working professionals, and DBU offers the highest quality curriculum and faculty to provide students with the highest quality education. The education at DBU has not only allowed me to become a better educator, but it has also made me a better servant leader for God. I would highly recommend the program at DBU to anyone who is interested in pursuing a doctoral degree."

– Mark Ramirez
Executive Director, Dallas ISD, Cohort III

"Growing up, my grandmother used to tell me, 'There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them.' If you want to pursue the demanding task of acquiring a doctoral level degree, partner with an institution that stands behind you in the pursuit of excellence. There is a difference between online and face-to-face programs. As you develop the friendships and support of colleagues and professors, quitting or allowing excuses to stand in your way become unrealistic options. DBU has done that for me!"

– Shea Stanfield-McGarrah
Coordinator Core Knowledge, HEB ISD, Cohort IV

"I have enjoyed each of my courses and have built lasting friendships among my cohort colleagues. The cohort model is ideal, bringing together people with a common passion from various walks of life. This allows us to share the knowledge and unique experiences we each have, while learning and growing together. I have also benefited from the low student-to-teacher ratio by being able to get to know my professors. The faculty members are experts in the field and have a wealth of knowledge while being personal and relatable."

– Elyse Griffin
5th Grade Math and Gifted Teacher, Highland Park ISD, Cohort III

"I chose to attend DBU for my master's degree and was truly blessed by the relationships that were fostered during that time. When I considered continuing my education in a doctoral program, God led me back to DBU. Attending this University is a wonderful opportunity to continue learning as an educational leader and as a child of God. What better environment is there to learn the true meaning of 'servant leadership?' 'And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28 NIV).'"

– Cheryl Johnson
Principal, Fort Worth ISD, Cohort V

"When I began my studies as a student in the DBU Ed.D. program, I knew I would receive a top-of-the-line education. What I didn't realize was the extent of the impact this program would have on my life. I thank God every day for this opportunity to learn and grow with my cohort and for the beautiful life-long friendships I have been blessed with along the way. The DBU doctoral program has been more than an education; it has been the experience of a lifetime."

– Anita de la Isla
Director of Literacy, Coppell ISD, Cohort I

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