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FALL 2022 1 THE DBU REPORT Fall 2022 | vol. 35 no. 2 Champions for Christ on Mission The Patriot Basketball program once again took part in DBU’s Global Sports Mission Initiative and traveled to Spain over Fall Break to serve. In addition, other DBU students also engaged in travel studies and mission trips, learning and serving, all for the Glory of God.

DBU REPORT 2 DBU Chapel Worship continues to find ways to serve and lead others to the Throne throughout the Metroplex and around the world. Recently, they were asked by local church leaders to serve as the worship team for the FCA Fields of Faith service that was held at the Star in Frisco, the training facility for the Dallas Cowboys. They have recently released several live videos, and this November, they will be releasing a live album. Scan to learn more

FALL 2022 3 The DBU Report is a quarterly publication of Dallas Baptist University. Dr. Adam C. Wright, President. Executive Editor: Dr. Blake Killingsworth, Vice President for Communications; Managing Editor: Courtney Smith, Director of Content; Design Editor: Kadra Fant, Senior Graphic Designer. Contributors: David Collier, Assistant to the Vice President for Communications; Kirsten McKimmey, Director of Visual Communications; Mackenzie Lee, Assistant Director of Visual Communications; Exauce Madjibe Dijo, Staff Assistant for Visual Communications; Abbey Watson, Director of Creative Services; Dr. Michael Whiting, Director of Written Content; Reagan Ratcliff, Assistant Director of Athletics for Media Relations; Rachel Crites; Emmalie Ellis; Bethany Sikute; Ashlyn Vozeh. DBU Report, 3000 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75211-9299. 4 Welcoming New Patriots 10 Yellow Ribbon Luncheon 11 Investing in the Next Generation 18 DBU Basketball in Spain 22 Patriot Travels 28 News & Notes 32 DBU Athletics 34 Join in the Mission

DBU REPORT 4 From the moment cars began to drive through the front gates on Move-In Day, the campus came alive with the nervous excitement of over 650 new students, each ready to dive into Student Welcome and Transition (SWAT). After weeks of prayer, training, and planning performed by the SWAT 2022 Team consisting of over 130 upperclassman leaders, DBU’s Student Life Office, and countless behindthe-scenes individuals, SWAT 2022 was ready to begin. By intentionally designing each piece of the SWAT puzzle, students were given the opportunity to see the vision of DBU come to life. With an emphasis throughout the week on community, prayer, and service, each Patriot left SWAT with a sense of passion for both their peers and their Savior. COMMUNITY This year, 82 upperclassmen volunteered to lead the 41 SWAT small groups, acting as mentors, prayer partners, and guides to their selected new students. These upperclassmen were given the opportunity to lead their groups in spiritual conversations, encourage them during gatherings and collaborative events like Follies and Battlegrounds, and worship alongside them in daily sessions held in the Chapel. “The spiritual community at SWAT was incredible. Each worship service was so impactful, being in a room filled with college students passionately worshiping the Lord,” said freshman Jaylin Whiting. “I couldn’t have asked for a better transition to college, and the Lord used that experience to reassure me that DBU is where I am supposed to be during this season of life.” New students were given countless opportunities throughout the week to grow closer to their new classmates, leadership, and peers. The President’s Reception allowed students to meet DBU President Dr. Adam Wright and his wife, Candice. Later that week, students were able to relax together at the Saturday Night Block Party with their new-found friends. SWAT 2022 Establishing a Culture of Community, Prayer, and Service on the Hill

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DBU REPORT 6 to participate in the cherished Candlelighting service. Each student sat alongside their peers, candles in hand, worshiping together and praying for one another as the DBU Family. “The Candlelighting Ceremony was really cool to be a part of,” shares DBU freshman Zachary Brenek. “I loved seeing the community-oriented aspect of DBU mesh with worshiping the Lord together.” PRAYER By emphasizing the power of prayer from the beginning of each student’s career on University Hill, DBU strives to encourage Patriots to be individuals of fervent prayer both on and off campus. During the Faculty Meet and Greet, over 75 faculty members dispersed among the new students, sat with them to eat breakfast and pray individually for their semesters. At the end of the week, new Patriots gathered in Pilgrim Chapel SERVICE “The service day and foot-washing are sweet opportunities for students to see a glimpse of the heart of Jesus and the heart of DBU’s mission to develop servant leaders,” said Simone Robinson, a SWAT student leader. Friday morning, students scattered throughout DFW to serve at 19 community service partners, including Beautiful Feet homeless ministry, Buckner Center for Humanitarian Aid, Dallas Life center for the homeless, Mission Arlington, and more.

FALL 2022 7 “We always look forward to our service project day during SWAT,” explained Dr. Jay Harley, DBU Vice President for Student Affairs. “It allows our incoming students to experience first-hand our mission to produce servant leaders—individuals who care for others by serving their communities—and what better place to start that than here in the Metroplex?” After serving their off campus community, new students were shown what it means to live a life dedicated to service at the annual foot-washing ceremony. “Having upperclassmen lower themselves to a posture of humility and service before new students is such a beautiful reminder of what our Savior did when He laid down His life,” Simone shared. To glorify Christ and make known His great name is the heart behind each event held on DBU’s campus, and SWAT 2022 was no exception. Through every prayer prayed, every new friendship formed, and every life touched throughout this event. It is clear that SWAT is more than just a “welcome week.” “I’m encouraged to know that this is only the beginning of what has the potential to be a phenomenal year for DBU,” says DBU Director of Student Life Wayne Briggs. “From the incredible team of Captains and leaders to the dynamic group of incoming students, SWAT 2022 was one for the books. I can confidently say that this was the best SWAT yet!”

DBU REPORT 8 WELCOME WEEK University Hill came alive as new and returning Patriots gathered together to begin the Fall 2022 semester. DBU celebrated the reuniting of the DBU Family throughout the week at the annual Welcome Back Party, Baptist Student Ministry Coffeehouse, and first fall Chapel with guest speaker Bryan Carter (pictured bottom, right), Pastor of Concord Church in Dallas, Texas.

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DBU REPORT 10 WOMEN’S AUXILIARY BOARD Yellow RibbonLuncheon On Wednesday, September 7, 2022, the Women’s Auxiliary Board hosted their annual Yellow Ribbon Luncheon celebrating the beginning of the new academic year and honoring Dr. Adam and Candice Wright on six years of service as President and First Lady of Dallas Baptist University. Charla Vinyard, President of the Women’s Auxiliary Board, began the luncheon announcing her theme, “Sing a New Song.” Committee Chair Christy Gandy recognized her committee and informed the crowd of the tradition of the yellow ribbons welcoming students back home on campus each fall on trees and lampposts. Dr. Adam C. Wright updated the ladies on the new academic year followed by an anniversary presentation by Vice President for Administration and Enrollment Jonathan Teat and Christy Gandy. In 2001, Dr. Adam C. Wright and Candice Wright served as SWAT co-captains, during which they rode a tandem bicycle on a video during SWAT week. At this years’ Yellow Ribbon Luncheon, a tandem bike was gifted to the Wrights by the Women’s Auxiliary Board to commemorate their time serving at DBU. Other gifts included a personalized necklace for Candice and custom DBU Rhoback shirt for Dr. Wright. Throughout the luncheon, piano music was provided by DBU student Tokyo Garza. DBU students Mikayla Medford and Lane Cabler performed a unique DBUthemed rendition of “She’s Practically Perfect” from the musical Mary Poppins, dedicated to Candice Wright by Dr. Wright. The luncheon concluded with the ladies singing the hymn “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus,” led by DBU graduate Cedtrese Williams. Candice Wright, DBU First Lady; Charla Vinyard, President, Women’s Auxiliary Board; Christy Gandy, Yellow Ribbon Luncheon Committee Chair; and Leslie Moulton, Executive Director, Women’s Auxiliary Board Diane Dill, Ellen Byrd, Nan Ketcham, Leslie Moulton, and Tami Cooke Kittye Bolin, Millie Hale, Alex Wagner, and Charla Vinyard Sheila Cook and Mary Brigham To learn more about the work of the Women’s Auxiliary Board, visit

FALL 2022 11 GIFT & DONOR CATEGORIES “Our donors help us ensure the legacy of providing outstanding Christian education to a world in need of Christian servant leaders. We sincerely appreciate everyone who gives generously and prays fervently as we press onward in our vision to build a great university that is pleasing to God.” Dr. Adam C. Wright President Quality Education Club $100-$499 Academic Excellence Club $500-$999 President’s Council $1,000-$2,499 President’s Honored Council $2,500-$4,999 President’s Distinguished Council $5,000-$9,999 Circle of Friends $10,000-$19,999 Heritage Award $20,000-$49,999 Founder’s Award $50,000-$99,999 Wings of Eagle Award at least $100,000 Dayspring Award at least $250,000 Benefactor’s Award at least $500,000 Cornerstone Award at least $1,000,000 DALLAS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY 2021 HONOR ROLL OF DONORS INDIVIDUALS Dr. and Mrs. David Adams Mr. Gerrol Adkins Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Aduddell Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Aebersold Ms. Hilda Alcerreca Rev. Dr. Jann Aldredge-Clanton Mr. and Mrs. Lytton Allen Mr. and Mrs. Scott Amendt Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Ammeter Mr. Landon Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Lindell Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Alan Armstrong Ms. Candace Aslanian Mr. Jerry Aultman Dr. Sheila Bailey Ms. Kelcy Balch Mr. Phillip Ballard Dr. and Mrs. Brance Barker Mr. and Mrs. Kent Barnard Ms. Cindy Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Mike Barnett Mr. and Mrs. William Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bartley Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bayless Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Beard III Mr. and Mrs. Blake Beckham Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Belle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benjamin Mr. Donald Bennett Ms. Wendy Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Louis Berry Mr. and Mrs. Tony Beuter Mr. Walter Biggins Dr. and Mrs. J. Blair Blackburn Mrs. Anne Blackwood Mr. Walter Blair Mr. Ryan Blalock-Seba Ms. Karen Bohannon Dr. Mark Boone Dr. David Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bowman Mr. Stephen Boyd Mr. Charles Brincat Mr. Ken Brissa Ms. Shelisa Brock Dr. E. B. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Jon Browder Ms. Sheila Brown Mr. Brad Broyles Ms. Mary Brumbach Rev. and Mrs. Greg Brumit Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bryant Mrs. Mary Ruth Bryson Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Burris Mrs. Gladean Butler Dr. and Mrs. Ted J. Cabal Ms. Tammy Cain Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caron Dr. and Mrs. Charles Carona Mr. and Mrs. Burl Carraway Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Carrell Mr. Sam Carter Dr. Rita Carver Ms. Millie Chamberlin Dr. Ollie Christian Mr. and Mrs. Scott Christman Mr. Richard Clampitt Mr. and Mrs. Kent Clothier Mr. James Coburn Mr. and Mrs. Key Coker Mrs. Evelyn Collier Ms. Trenda Cooper Ms. Trina Cowan Ms. Kathleen Cox Mr. David Cragle Mr. and Mrs. Toff Cranford Ms. Korene Crippes Mr. and Mrs. Dean Crocker Mrs. Lauren Cuddihee Mr. Xuanwei Eric Cui Mr. Loyd Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Davenport Ms. Rebekah David Ms. June Davis Mrs. Betty Deaver Mr. Curtis Deaver Mr. Christopher Dewolfe Ms. Terri Dickson Mr. Michael Dietz Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dixon Dr. and Mrs. David Dockery Mr. and Mrs. Ben Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Mark Doran Mr. and Mrs. Michael Douris Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Downs Mr. Charles Dunar III Mrs. Sharon Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Durham Mr. Bryan Dykes QUALITY EDUCATION CLUB

DBU REPORT 12 QUALITY EDUCATION CLUB continued Ms. Refolia Eddie Dr. Marilyn Edwards Mr. Calvin Eldred Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Elkins Mr. Seth Elledge Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Elliston Mr. William Ely Ms. Sarah Estes Dr. Eva Evans Mr. and Mrs. Jack Evans, Jr. Ms. Skylar Evans Mr. and Mrs. Carl Everett III Dr. and Mrs. K. Randel Everett Mr. and Mrs. Buck Farish Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Farrar Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fechner Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ferguson Ms. Emily Ferris Mr. Casey Flanigan Ms. Melissa Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. William Fletcher Mr. Bill Flowers Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fore Mr. Thomas Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fritz Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Fuller Mrs. Susan Fullerton Ms. Mechelle Galyon Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gardner Rev. and Mrs. Larry Gener Mr. and Mrs. Denny Giles Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Gindratt Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gipson Ms. Sandra Goodson Mr. and Mrs. Joel Gossage Ms. Meredith Graham Mr. Mark Granberg Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Jack Green Mr. Mark Green Mr. and Mrs. Dane P. Greening Rev. and Mrs. Owen Griffin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Heath Gullion Mrs. Laura Hall Dr. and Mrs. Brooks Haney Mr. Jameson Hannah Ms. Trudy Hanson Mrs. Carol Harding Mr. Pat Harding Mr. and Mrs. Clint E. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Harris Ms. Maranda Harrison Mr. David Harwell Mr. Vernon Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heaton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hefner Ms. Wanda Helms Mr. and Mrs. Booker Henry Mr. Melvin Hessler Mrs. Gena Hestand Ms. Carol Ann Hindes Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hines Mr. and Mrs. William Hipp Mr. and Mrs. Drew Holder Mrs. Lynne Hollahan Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hoodenpyle Ms. Joy Hopkins Mr. Cogie Horton Mr. Philip Hoskins Mr. and Mrs. W.R. House Mr. and Mrs. David Huber Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hutchins Ms. Debbie Irons Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Terry James Mr. and Mrs. Willard James Mr. John Jarvis Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Johnson Dr. Jeremiah Johnston Mrs. Karen Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Phil Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Kim Juillerat Mr. Nebiye Kelile Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Ketcham Ms. Doris Klempnauer Mr. and Mrs. Ron Knight Mr. and Mrs. Kyle N. Knox Mr. Brett Kolomyjec Mr. Jeff Kouba Ms. Debra Krebs Mr. and Mrs. David Krizan Mr. Kurt Krodle Mr. Kenneth Kropp Mr. Timothy Krystosek Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Kuruvilla Ms. Teshia Kyser Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Lane, Jr. Mr. James Lane Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Latour, II Ms. Sharon Lee Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lehr Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Lerma Mrs. Susan Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lipscomb Dr. Kalie Lowrie Mr. Jeffrey Luddeke Dr. and Mrs. Paul Madeley Mr. Konner Malcom Dr. and Mrs. Terry Maness Ms. Virgie Mangham Mr. and Mrs. Dan Marshall Mr. George Z. Marshall Mrs. Jane Marshall Mr. M. T. Mason Rev. and Mrs. Frank Mathews Mr. Robert Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Mathews Mr. Darrell May Ms. Mary Mayo Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McAlpine Mr. Seth McCarley Dr. and Mrs. Tom McClain Mr. Mackie and Dr. Deborah McCollister Mr. Barry McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Jes D. McIver Ms. Debra McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Larry McLaughlin Mr. Lee McNutt Mr. Travis Meiners Mr. David Mendenhall Ms. Kathy Meza Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miles Mr. and Mrs. Ryan D. Millard Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller Mr. Milfred Minatrea Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Montgomery Dr. Debra Moore Ms. Janell Moore Mr. Marlin Morris Ms. Norma Morris Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mota Ms. Malika Muhammad Mr. and Mrs. Peter Murrell Mr. Ernest and Dr. Joyce Myers Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nash Mr. and Mrs. Tim Neveri Mr. and Mrs. William Newburn Mr. and Mrs. Pat Nunley Ms. Susan Odom Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Oliver Ms. Jacqueline Osmon Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Owen Mr. Jino Packayil Ms. Sara Pantin Ms. Judy Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paulk Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pecchi Mr. Alex C. Perry Mr. Andrew Perry Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Mark Peters Dr. Nick Pitts Ms. Martha Powell Mrs. Kay Preddy Ms. Linda Price Mrs. Donna Pruitt-Ware Mrs. Janet Quisenberry Mr. and Mrs. John Rain Mr. Javier Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Rand Mr. and Mrs. Kim Ratliff Mr. and Mrs. Seth Raymond Ms. Joyce Reese Mrs. Marty Rendleman Mr. Ian Reutelhuber Mrs. Joanna Revis Mr. Bennett Richard Mr. and Mrs. Ivy Richards Ms. Judith Richards Ms. Deanna Risser Dr. and Mrs. Scott Roberts Mr. David Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Robinson Ms. Raina Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Mike E. Roby Mrs. Ruth Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Rowe Dr. and Mrs. William Rudderow Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Saffold Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sanderford Mr. Evan Sandmann Ms. Kathleen Scarrone Mr. Todd Schlaegel Mr. Chris Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schutte Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scott II Mr. Tommy Senn Mr. Sean Severide Ms. Catherine Sheffield Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shelton Mr. Kevin Shelton Dr. Ross Shelton Dr. and Mrs. J.D. Shipp Mr. and Mrs. Larry Shoemaker Dr. and Mrs. Bill Skaar Mr. Shaun Skeffington Mr. and Mrs. Everett Slade Mr. and Mrs. Gene Slade Ms. Martha Slavik Mr. Gerald Smith Mr. James Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Zack Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sorrell Dr. Rosie Sorrells Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Sorrels Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sparkman Mr. Jared Stafford Pastor Greg T. Stanley Mrs. Lisa Stone Mr. and Mrs. Joe Strawn, Jr. Mr. Thomas Sullivan Mrs. Patricia Sykes Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Taber Mr. Samuel Tates Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Bobby Temple Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Thames Mr. Curtis Thiele

FALL 2022 13 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE CLUB INDIVIDUALS Mr. and Mrs. Fowler Abercrombie Mr. and Mrs. Robin Adkins Dr. Clinton Amos Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Behmanesh Mr. Mark Bennison Mrs. Alexandra Bews Mr. and Mrs. David Bolin Mr. and Mrs. Scott Briney Mr. and Mrs. Dave Brown Mr. Mark Brown Mr. and Mrs. Donald Burton Mr. Randy/Dr. Jennifer Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. Sam Campos Dr. Judith Carrier Mrs. Janelle Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Chia Mr. Nathan Childs Ms. Jacquelyn Chovanec Dr. David Clark Mrs. Patsy Clifton Mr. Trevor Conn Mr. and Mrs. Tim Couch Ms. Emily Davis Mr. and Mrs. Chase Durham Mr. and Mrs. John Austin Earles Mr. and Mrs. Terry Eaton Mr. Hayden Ebrecht Mr. and Mrs. William Ellis Mr. and Mrs. David Evans Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fellows Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Floyd Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Gary Frieling Mrs. Jacquelynn Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Landon Furr Mr. Esteban and Dr. Irene Gallegos Rev. B. Douglas Gallion Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Glaze Mr. and Mrs. Russell Glenn Mr. Geoffrey N. Golden Mr. Mike Grady Ms. Ronda Grady Mr. Kevin Guerin Mr. Michael Hanks Dr. and Mrs. David Hardage Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hargrave Mr. and Mrs. Danny Hendrix Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hoffman Mr. Jody Holder Ms. Molly Holland Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Holloway Mr. and Mrs. Hengfu Hsu Dr. Ozzie Ingram Mr. and Mrs. James Jenkins, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James Kechely Mr. Calvin C. Killingsworth Mr. and Mrs. Darin Lauer Mr. and Mrs. Jason Leeper Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lengyel Mr. and Mrs. Erik Lichty Mr. Ray Luke Mr. Greg Mach Dr. and Mrs. Dick Maples Ms. Karen Martin Mr. and Mrs. David May Mr. Curtis Mays Rev. and Mrs. Gary McCaleb Dr. Ed McClelland Ms. Tannah Miinch Mr. and Mrs. Phil Miller Mrs. Donna Millsap Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Minyard Mrs. Kimberly Moore Ms. Kay Morris Mrs. Victoria Myles Mr. and Mrs. Eric Newman Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neyland Mr. and Mrs. Layne Nunes Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Paslay Ms. Cyndi Pettit Mr. Joe Ray Ms. Cynthia Reading Mr. and Mrs. David B. Reyes Mrs. Sharon Reynolds Mr. David Rich Mr. Eric Riddle Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Rogers Mr. Matthew Rowell Mrs. Betty Rush Dr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schott Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shamblin Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Shaw Ms. Mary Simmers Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sivley Mr. and Mrs. Bob T. Sneed Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Stollings Ms. Scarlett Stussy Ms. Kari Tarulli Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thomas Ms. Thuy Tong Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tresnicky Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tucker Mr. Tim Vaught Dr. and Mrs. Todd Wagner Mr. Justin Wall Mr. Jim Weems Mr. and Mrs. Pat Whiteley Ms. Charlene Willcoxon Ms. Audrey Wiseman Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wright Mr. and Mrs. James Yang Mr. and Mrs. Joe Thompson Mr. Michael Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Brad Thurman Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Tipa Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Tolleson Mr. and Mrs. Troy Town Mr. Jay Treadaway Mr. and Mrs. Drew M. Turbin Mr. Carl Van Volkenburg Mrs. Marti VanRavenswaay Mr. and Mrs. John Vanvessem Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vick Mr. Edgardo Villalobos Palomec Mr. William Vivoni Ms. Deborah Walker Mr. and Mrs. George Wallace Dr. and Mrs. Jack Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walsh Ms. Kimberly Waltington Mrs. Andrea Walton Mrs. Salley D. Walton Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ward Ms. Lourdes Watts Mr. and Mrs. Alan Weaver Mr. Daniel Weiss Mr. and Mrs. William Wensits Ms. Kelli Wesley Mr. and Mrs. Joey Whaley Mr. and Mrs. Welton Whitley Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Whitworth Mr. and Mrs. Bill Williams Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Williams Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williams Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williams Mr. and Mrs. Steven Winston Mr. William Wise Dr. and Mrs. Darin Wood Ms. Libby York Mr. and Mrs. Jim Young Mr. and Mrs. Mahmoud Zadeh CHURCHES College Baptist Church First Baptist Church, Lancaster High Pointe Baptist Church Pocahontas Baptist Church COMPANIES Apple and Fink, Inc. Gus Bates Financial Services Notable Notions Promotions Philip and Nancy Farish Charitable Fund The Samuel Group Wells Racing Engines CORPORATE MATCHING GIFT BNY Mellon Community Partnership Texas Instruments Foundation FULL-TIME FACULTY/ STAFF Dr. and Mrs. Dave Arnott Miss Makenna Bandy Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Travis Carpenter Mr. Binnan and Dr. Danxia Chen Mr. and Mrs. Vinay Chivukula Mr. and Mrs. Brent Covey Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Dudley Mr. and Mrs. Carson England Mr. and Mrs. Joe Estes Mr. and Mrs. Nate Frieling Mr. Ron and Dr. Karla Hagan Mr. and Mrs. Desi Henk Ms. Allison Hopgood Ms. Sarah Jones Mr. and Mrs. Don Kabetzke Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mehringer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Phillips Ms. Beverly Powell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riley Mr. and Mrs. Cory Sellers Mr. and Mrs. Connor B. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Greg Stroud Mr. and Mrs. Scott Taylor Mr. Jesus Tovar Mr. Riley Unger Ms. Joyce Wallace Ms. Traci Cox West Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Williamson TRUSTEES/FORMER TRUSTEES Mr. and Mrs. Pete Delkus Dr. and Mrs. Blair Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Tandy

DBU REPORT 14 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE CLUB continued INDIVIDUALS Mr. D. Mark Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Ron Alexander Mr. and Mrs. William Allen IV Mr. and Mrs. Jay Allison Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. Allison Mr. and Mrs. Brad Amendt Mr. and Mrs. Kerby Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Brian Aube Mr. Burke Autrey Mr. Daren Autry Mrs. Mendy Autry Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ayerst Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Roby G. Bass III Mr. and Mrs. Zach Bean Mr. and Mrs. Scott Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bell Mr. and Mrs. William Bell Mr. Steve Benefield Dr. Steven Berry Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Boerder Mr. and Mrs. James F. Booher Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bratcher Mr. Andrew Brown Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Byers Mr. and Mrs. Larry Byrd Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cantwell Mr. and Mrs. Joshua P. Causey Mr. Chris Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Navel Chikwanda Judge and Mrs. Oswin Chrisman Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Collier Mr. Brad Conradt Mr. and Mrs. Walter Counts Mr. and Mrs. Bohn Crain Mr. Ian Crane Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Randy Crews Mr. James Crouch Mr. and Mrs. Keith Crouch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crumpton Ms. Yelina Dager Mr. and Mrs. Barry Daggs Mr. and Mrs. Jack Daniell Mr. Philip Davison Mr. and Mrs. Jason Denton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dipaolo Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Dodderer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Efurd Miss Grace Elliott Mr. and Mrs. William Eubanks Mrs. Margaret Fanning Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Fechner Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Forester Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. James A. Fuller Mrs. Nicole Garrett Mr. Charles Gibson Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gilmore Mrs. Teena Goble Dr. and Mrs. Marcus D. Goodloe Dr. Cheryl Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Gravley Mrs. Wendy Habicht “Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.” Deuteronomy 15:10 PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL Ms. Susan Hall Mrs. Layne Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hardy Mr. and Mrs. James Harley Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Bret Hefton Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hemphill Ms. Joan Henderson Mrs. Suzanne Hicks Dr. and Mrs. Cory Hines Ms. E. Jane Hix/Ms. Daphne Goldman Dr. Tamara Holmes Mr. Dwayne Horner Mr. and Mrs. Odice Jenkins Ms. Donica Jimenez Mr. and Mrs. Ben D. Johnson Mr. Brandon Johnson Honorable Faith Johnson Mrs. Donna Jones Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Sunghwan Jun Mrs. Mary Fae Kamm Mr. Stephen Khoury Mr. and Mrs. Roger Killingsworth Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Knapton Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kung Ms. Debi Leavitt Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lechner Dr. Angela Linam Mr. Golan Lindsay Mr. Preston Listi Ms. Ann Longino Mr. Terry Lyons Mr. William Martin Mr. Teofilo Martinez Ms. Marie Maupin Mr. David/Dr. Caia McCullar Mrs. Leslie McGlamery Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Meraz Mr. and Mrs. George Mercuro Mr. Timothy Millard Mr. Greg Miller Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mike Monhollon Ms. Lois Moore Mr. David/Dr. Judy Morris Mr. and Mrs. David Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Newsome Mr. Cameron Nofi Mr. and Mrs. Erle Nye CHURCHES Concord Church Faith Baptist Church Grace Temple Baptist Church Mountain Creek Community Church FOUNDATIONS Northwest Baptist Foundation Tegna Foundation CORPORATE MATCHING GIFT Verizon Foundation COMPANIES Sheila Bailey Ministries Blackwell ’s Personal Touch Brother Bill ’s Helping Hand Fund Dallas Fly Fishers Douglas K. Foster H. I. S. Bridge Builders Lessley’s, Inc. Pepwear, LLC M.C. Smith Realty, Llc Springer Properties, LLC Sun Life Financial FULL-TIME FACULTY/ STAFF Mr. Chad and Dr. Kim Bates Mr. Brent Beale Mr. Mitch Bennett Dr. and Mrs. Harry Beverly Dr. and Mrs. Jon Choi Ms. Lisa Elkins Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gaskill Mr. and Mrs. Preston Gilstrap Mr. Christopher Havens Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Head Mr. and Mrs. Charleston Hearne Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hill Mr. and Mrs. Philip Homer Mr. Clinton and Dr. Deanna Jenkins Mr. Steve and Dr. Sue Kavli Ms. Elizabeth Kite Mr. Jayce Leeper Mr. and Mrs. William McClure Mr. John McMahan Mr. and Mrs. Ron McMahan Dr. and Mrs. Philip Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. Wes Moore Mrs. Deemie Naugle Mr. Steve and Dr. Deanna Noyes Mr. and Mrs. Micah Posey Mr. and Mrs. Mat Richter Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rogers Mr. Johnny Schumacher Dr. and Mrs. Dale Sims Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Skidmore Dr. and Mrs. Ed Walker Dr. and Mrs. Han-Chieh Wei Mr. and Mrs. Carey A. Williams TRUSTEES/FORMER TRUSTEES Mr. Brent Christopher Mr. and Mrs. Fabian Ramirez Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wade

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DBU REPORT 18 On Mission: Champions for Christ In 1 Peter 4:10, Paul calls believers to “use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace.” Over the Fall Break, the DBU Basketball team traveled to Dénia, Spain, to serve with long-time ministry partner Colegio Alfa y Omega. These student-athletes led out in various activities, including teaching Bible lessons, hosting a basketball clinic, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the children in Dénia. On Friday, September 30, DBU coaches, staff members, and the Patriot Basketball team began their journey to Dénia, Spain. After two years of patiently waiting, the program was excited to participate in the first Global Sports Missions Initiative for the Department of Athletics since before the pandemic.

FALL 2022 19 After arriving on Saturday afternoon, the Patriots joined together with community members for Sunday morning worship. “Being back in Dénia brought back so many great memories,” shared Head Coach Blake Flickner. “It was amazing to see familiar faces and worship alongside fellow believers on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.” On Monday morning, the Patriots began serving with Alfa y Omega working with children of all ages. During the first morning assembly, the directors of Alfa y Omega surprised the children with the announcement of a new children’s book titled DBU Arrives!, created to express their gratitude for DBU’s long-standing partnership with the school. Throughout their service days, DBU student-athletes were able to connect with children through teaching, playing basketball and soccer, and sharing

DBU REPORT 20 their personal stories. Junior Cameron Kahn, Sophomore Graham Kroll, and Senior Jalen White had the opportunity to share their testimonies with students over the course of the trip. In addition to their time spent serving each morning, the team also hosted a basketball clinic where over 100 boys and girls were able to learn from Head Coach Blake Flickner, Assistant Coach Ryan Glenney, and the team. Most importantly, Coach Flickner was able to share the gospel with the students and explain what it means to be a “Champion for Christ” at DBU. While in Spain, the Patriots also played in three competitive exhibitions throughout the week. On Tuesday, the team made their way up the southeast coast to Alicante, Spain, where they faced the Alicante Basketball Club. DBU defeated the semi-professional team 85-62. The following day, the Patriots faced the top club team in Calpe, but not before hiking Calpe Rock, eating lunch together, and taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea earlier that day. The Patriots walked away from Calpe with a dominant victory of 95-54. The team played their last game against a local club team from Dénia on Thursday evening. After local newspaper and radio outlets advertised the game all week long, hundreds of community members and Alfa y Omega students came to support both their local team and Dallas Baptist University. After five days of faithful service at Alfa y Omega and three matches in three different cities, the Patriots’ time in Dénia came to a close. Reflecting back, DBU’s Director of Athletics Connor Smith shares that it truly was a sight to behold as the children chanted “Red, White, Blue! DBU!” each time the team walked past. “Our time serving with Alfa y Omega was an incredible, life-changing experience,” shares Coach Flickner in closing. “For our team, it was a great opportunity for us to practice the traits that we want to define us. I loved seeing our student-athletes running around, chasing and being chased by children, sharing their testimonies, playing soccer, and building relationships with young people half a world away from our day-to-day experience. We trust that seeds were planted in Dénia and that God will continue them. I know our trip was an experience we will never forget.”

FALL 2022 21 Global Sports Mission Initiative through the Years CHAMPIONS FOR CHRIST October 2019 Cuba Baseball August 2018 Israel Tennis July 2018 Spain Men’s Soccer October 2017 Spain Basketball/Cheerleading May 2017 England Women’s Soccer March 2017 Chile Volleyball January 2017 London Patriettes October 2015 Curacao Baseball May 2015 Israel Cross Country/Track October 2014 Scotland Men’s/Women’s Golf October 2014 Chile Men’s/Women’s Tennis June 2014 Brazil Men’s Soccer October 2013 Chile Basketball/Cheerleading May 2013 Liberia Women’s Soccer April 2013 China Volleyball January 2013 London Patriettes October 2011 Dom. Republic Baseball June 2011 Brazil Cross Country/Track May 2011 Honduras All Student-Athlete Trip July 2010 England Men’s/Women’s Golf May 2010 England Men’s/Women’s Tennis October 2009 Korea Basketball/Cheerleading March 2009 Peru Women’s Soccer/Volleyball October 2007 Guatemala Baseball Since 2007, DBU Athletics has partnered with missions and churches around the world to send student athletes on mission and become ambassadors for DBU, demonstrating what it means to be Champions for Christ on and off the field. Over the course of that time, hundreds of student-athletes have shown the love of Christ to many.


FALL 2022 23 PATRIOTS Around the World Re-opening the Doors for DBU to Once Again Make the World Their Classroom Throughout the summer and fall breaks, countless DBU students were busy learning and serving all around the world through DBU’s Global Studies program. Because Dallas Baptist University knows the value of learning while immersed in the culture and the importance of serving the nations, DBU offered six major travel opportunities for Patriots accompanied by a number of our esteemed DBU faculty and staff members.

DBU REPORT 24 Our ultimate prayer is that these trips will prompt students to carefully consider how the Lord is working in their lives to help them become incarnational servant leaders, leaders who emulate Christ and boldly advance the kingdom of God. Dr. Mary Nelson, Director of the Ph.D. in Leadership Studies Program GERMANY For the last two weeks of May, eight Dallas Baptist University students and three staff members traveled to Germany to connect with a local church and its ministry to refugees. They also had the opportunity to learn from the rich history represented throughout the country as they celebrated the end of the academic year. During the first week of their trip, the group stayed in Schorndorf, a small town near Stuttgart, where the students were immersed in German culture through the local church body. After their time in Schorndorf, the group spent the second week focusing on the life and legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the impact of World War II. Together, they visited the Nazi Rally Grounds and Courtroom 600 in Nuremberg, Flossenburg Concentration Camp, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s home in Berlin, the Berlin Wall, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

FALL 2022 25 OXFORD Over the course of two trips taken between the end of June into mid-July, a cumulative 41 Ph.D. students from three different cohorts and nine undergraduates made their way to Oxford, England to learn under a number of DBU’s finest scholars and professors. Students were able to visit a number of England’s historically rich locations and beautiful attractions, including the home of C.S. Lewis, known as The Kilns, attended an Evensong Service at Oxford’s Christ Church, and explore Cambridge and Windsor Castle. They also enjoyed historical tours of Blenheim Palace, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Churchill War Rooms in London. SPAIN Early this July, 14 DBU students and staff members traveled to Dénia, Spain to partner with Colegio Alfa y Omega for the first time after the COVID-19 pandemic. Students were able to help put on a week of summer camp for students, serving in Bible story time, music, recreation, and craft stations. Additionally, DBU students helped wash dishes, work on projects on the school grounds, and pour into campers each day from early morning to late night. “It was special to see how, despite the language barrier for some, they fiercely loved on these kids and served them well,” shares Shelby Weatherly. “We also had at least seven of our DBU students who spoke Spanish, so it was encouraging to see them connect with the kids in their heart language. The entire team worked so well together in using their different gifts to further the Kingdom.”

DBU REPORT 26 ISRAEL Before the summer ended, seven DBU students and staff members were given the opportunity to walk through the towns that so many well-known Bible passages took place in by traveling to Israel. These students worshiped together on the Sea of Galilee, partnered with the Friends of Nazareth and the Nazareth Baptist School, and walked where Jesus walked. Each trip member’s understanding of the Bible was deepened and faith was encouraged by the local church.

FALL 2022 27 BOSTON During the week of Fall Break, over 20 DBU students traveled to Boston, Massachusetts and its surrounding areas to visit the historical sites of New England, learning from DBU professors in Leadership, Political Science, and English. Students were able to visit Freedom Trail, Old North Church, Harvard University, Yale University, Walden Pond, and a number of additional sites in the area while gaining a deeper understanding of how our nation’s history emerged over time. NORTHWEST MISSION TRIP For the second year in a row, eight DBU students and two staff members were able to witness the transformative nature of the Gospel by partnering with Northwest Collegiate Ministries at Oregon State University. “Throughout the week, we were given the opportunity to engage students with the Gospel through campus events and relational evangelism,” says DBU Baptist Student Ministry Director Eric Bean. “By reaching the college campus, we reach the world by influencing the next generation of leaders.”

DBU REPORT 28 NEWS&NOTES In what has become an annual tradition, Patriot and Texas Rangers fans united this past September for DBU Night at Globe Life Field. As friends and families gathered together to celebrate America’s favorite pastime, current DBU students, faculty, staff, and alumni watched the Rangers battle against the Los Angeles Angels for the second year in a row. This year, Pats in attendance for the game were given special edition Texas Rangers ball caps with DBU detailing to commemorate this beloved annual event. To keep up to date with all of the happenings with the DBU Family, be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter, University Hill, by visiting, or you can follow us on social media. DBU FAMILY CELEBRATES ANNUAL COLLEGE NIGHT AT GLOBE LIFE FIELD CHEERING ON THE TEXAS RANGERS

FALL 2022 29 DBU’s Annual Community Partners Luncheon brings together leaders of various local non-profits, churches, and schools throughout DFW to celebrate their important work, provide networking opportunities and, most of all, offer spiritual encouragement. These organizations also represent the many places where DBU students serve during their college years, allowing them the opportunity to learn the joys of serving others. The day is also a special time to recognize a distinguished community partner. This year, the 15th annual luncheon was grateful to honor Amy Ford, President of Embrace Grace. After a cordial welcome from Desi Henk, who serves as Assistant Vice President of Career and Professional Development, and a prayer of invocation from University Provost Dr. Norma Hedin, words of appreciation were shared by Dr. Adam C. Wright, DBU President. He especially encouraged attendees DBU 15TH ANNUAL COMMUNITY PARTNERS LUNCHEON HONORS EMBRACE GRACE to remain faithful through the hard times, even when their efforts go unnoticed, for the pleasure and glory of God alone. Bishop Aaron Blake of Harvest Family Life Ministries delivered the keynote address. Blake served as senior pastor of the Greater Faith Community Church in Brownwood, Texas, when he began to develop both a personal heart and strategic pastoral vision for his church to minister to vulnerable children through foster care. The ministry grew, and he and his wife, Mary, launched Harvest Family Life Ministries in 2003. The 2022 Community Partner of the Year, Embrace Grace, is an organization devoted to providing spiritual and practical care for unplanned pregnancies and needy single mothers. Founder and President Amy Ford is also the author of Help Her Be Brave: Discover Your Place in the Pro-Life Movement. Ford experienced her own unplanned pregnancy in her teens and remembered that in her loneliness and shame she developed a passion for enacting change. Beginning as a small support group at Gateway Church, Embrace Grace was established as a non-profit in 2012, and since then has helped churches across the nation and around the world adopt a pro-love posture toward pregnant women. Ford’s desire is that the local church be the first safe place women choose to go to receive holistic compassion. Every year, Dallas Baptist University students log hundreds of thousands of hours of service around North Texas with these community partners and many more. 2022 Community Partner of the Year recipient, Embrace Grace, is represented by Founder and President Amy Ford (center), along Dr. Adam C. Wright, DBU President, and Desi Henk, DBU Assistant VP of Career and Professional Development. Bishop Aaron Blake of Harvest Family Life Ministries, delivered the keynote address to a filled room in the Hillcrest Great Hall.