Page 11 | DBU Report Fall 2022

FALL 2022 11 GIFT & DONOR CATEGORIES “Our donors help us ensure the legacy of providing outstanding Christian education to a world in need of Christian servant leaders. We sincerely appreciate everyone who gives generously and prays fervently as we press onward in our vision to build a great university that is pleasing to God.” Dr. Adam C. Wright President Quality Education Club $100-$499 Academic Excellence Club $500-$999 President’s Council $1,000-$2,499 President’s Honored Council $2,500-$4,999 President’s Distinguished Council $5,000-$9,999 Circle of Friends $10,000-$19,999 Heritage Award $20,000-$49,999 Founder’s Award $50,000-$99,999 Wings of Eagle Award at least $100,000 Dayspring Award at least $250,000 Benefactor’s Award at least $500,000 Cornerstone Award at least $1,000,000 DALLAS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY 2021 HONOR ROLL OF DONORS INDIVIDUALS Dr. and Mrs. David Adams Mr. Gerrol Adkins Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Aduddell Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Aebersold Ms. Hilda Alcerreca Rev. Dr. Jann Aldredge-Clanton Mr. and Mrs. Lytton Allen Mr. and Mrs. Scott Amendt Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Ammeter Mr. Landon Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Lindell Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Alan Armstrong Ms. Candace Aslanian Mr. Jerry Aultman Dr. Sheila Bailey Ms. Kelcy Balch Mr. Phillip Ballard Dr. and Mrs. Brance Barker Mr. and Mrs. Kent Barnard Ms. Cindy Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Mike Barnett Mr. and Mrs. William Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bartley Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bayless Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Beard III Mr. and Mrs. Blake Beckham Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Belle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benjamin Mr. Donald Bennett Ms. Wendy Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Louis Berry Mr. and Mrs. Tony Beuter Mr. Walter Biggins Dr. and Mrs. J. Blair Blackburn Mrs. Anne Blackwood Mr. Walter Blair Mr. Ryan Blalock-Seba Ms. Karen Bohannon Dr. Mark Boone Dr. David Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bowman Mr. Stephen Boyd Mr. Charles Brincat Mr. Ken Brissa Ms. Shelisa Brock Dr. E. B. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Jon Browder Ms. Sheila Brown Mr. Brad Broyles Ms. Mary Brumbach Rev. and Mrs. Greg Brumit Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bryant Mrs. Mary Ruth Bryson Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Burris Mrs. Gladean Butler Dr. and Mrs. Ted J. Cabal Ms. Tammy Cain Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caron Dr. and Mrs. Charles Carona Mr. and Mrs. Burl Carraway Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Carrell Mr. Sam Carter Dr. Rita Carver Ms. Millie Chamberlin Dr. Ollie Christian Mr. and Mrs. Scott Christman Mr. Richard Clampitt Mr. and Mrs. Kent Clothier Mr. James Coburn Mr. and Mrs. Key Coker Mrs. Evelyn Collier Ms. Trenda Cooper Ms. Trina Cowan Ms. Kathleen Cox Mr. David Cragle Mr. and Mrs. Toff Cranford Ms. Korene Crippes Mr. and Mrs. Dean Crocker Mrs. Lauren Cuddihee Mr. Xuanwei Eric Cui Mr. Loyd Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Davenport Ms. Rebekah David Ms. June Davis Mrs. Betty Deaver Mr. Curtis Deaver Mr. Christopher Dewolfe Ms. Terri Dickson Mr. Michael Dietz Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dixon Dr. and Mrs. David Dockery Mr. and Mrs. Ben Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Mark Doran Mr. and Mrs. Michael Douris Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Downs Mr. Charles Dunar III Mrs. Sharon Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Durham Mr. Bryan Dykes QUALITY EDUCATION CLUB