Page 10 | DBU Report Fall 2022

DBU REPORT 10 WOMEN’S AUXILIARY BOARD Yellow RibbonLuncheon On Wednesday, September 7, 2022, the Women’s Auxiliary Board hosted their annual Yellow Ribbon Luncheon celebrating the beginning of the new academic year and honoring Dr. Adam and Candice Wright on six years of service as President and First Lady of Dallas Baptist University. Charla Vinyard, President of the Women’s Auxiliary Board, began the luncheon announcing her theme, “Sing a New Song.” Committee Chair Christy Gandy recognized her committee and informed the crowd of the tradition of the yellow ribbons welcoming students back home on campus each fall on trees and lampposts. Dr. Adam C. Wright updated the ladies on the new academic year followed by an anniversary presentation by Vice President for Administration and Enrollment Jonathan Teat and Christy Gandy. In 2001, Dr. Adam C. Wright and Candice Wright served as SWAT co-captains, during which they rode a tandem bicycle on a video during SWAT week. At this years’ Yellow Ribbon Luncheon, a tandem bike was gifted to the Wrights by the Women’s Auxiliary Board to commemorate their time serving at DBU. Other gifts included a personalized necklace for Candice and custom DBU Rhoback shirt for Dr. Wright. Throughout the luncheon, piano music was provided by DBU student Tokyo Garza. DBU students Mikayla Medford and Lane Cabler performed a unique DBUthemed rendition of “She’s Practically Perfect” from the musical Mary Poppins, dedicated to Candice Wright by Dr. Wright. The luncheon concluded with the ladies singing the hymn “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus,” led by DBU graduate Cedtrese Williams. Candice Wright, DBU First Lady; Charla Vinyard, President, Women’s Auxiliary Board; Christy Gandy, Yellow Ribbon Luncheon Committee Chair; and Leslie Moulton, Executive Director, Women’s Auxiliary Board Diane Dill, Ellen Byrd, Nan Ketcham, Leslie Moulton, and Tami Cooke Kittye Bolin, Millie Hale, Alex Wagner, and Charla Vinyard Sheila Cook and Mary Brigham To learn more about the work of the Women’s Auxiliary Board, visit