Page 20 | DBU Report Fall 2022

DBU REPORT 20 their personal stories. Junior Cameron Kahn, Sophomore Graham Kroll, and Senior Jalen White had the opportunity to share their testimonies with students over the course of the trip. In addition to their time spent serving each morning, the team also hosted a basketball clinic where over 100 boys and girls were able to learn from Head Coach Blake Flickner, Assistant Coach Ryan Glenney, and the team. Most importantly, Coach Flickner was able to share the gospel with the students and explain what it means to be a “Champion for Christ” at DBU. While in Spain, the Patriots also played in three competitive exhibitions throughout the week. On Tuesday, the team made their way up the southeast coast to Alicante, Spain, where they faced the Alicante Basketball Club. DBU defeated the semi-professional team 85-62. The following day, the Patriots faced the top club team in Calpe, but not before hiking Calpe Rock, eating lunch together, and taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea earlier that day. The Patriots walked away from Calpe with a dominant victory of 95-54. The team played their last game against a local club team from Dénia on Thursday evening. After local newspaper and radio outlets advertised the game all week long, hundreds of community members and Alfa y Omega students came to support both their local team and Dallas Baptist University. After five days of faithful service at Alfa y Omega and three matches in three different cities, the Patriots’ time in Dénia came to a close. Reflecting back, DBU’s Director of Athletics Connor Smith shares that it truly was a sight to behold as the children chanted “Red, White, Blue! DBU!” each time the team walked past. “Our time serving with Alfa y Omega was an incredible, life-changing experience,” shares Coach Flickner in closing. “For our team, it was a great opportunity for us to practice the traits that we want to define us. I loved seeing our student-athletes running around, chasing and being chased by children, sharing their testimonies, playing soccer, and building relationships with young people half a world away from our day-to-day experience. We trust that seeds were planted in Dénia and that God will continue them. I know our trip was an experience we will never forget.”