Balancing Work and Studies: Part-Time Jobs in College

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Life for college students is exciting, but it can also be busy! You're focused on classwork, clubs, volunteer commitments, and social activities. Should you also add a part-time job? Many students work during their college years, and finding a job that matches your schedule and interests is easier than ever.

The Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Part-Time, Hourly, or Seasonal?

Do full-time college students have part-time jobs? Do they just work seasonally? The truth is that many college students need to work to afford their tuition, room and board, and social activities. If possible, seasonal work is best during college so that you can focus on your studies. A full-time summer job may pay enough to cover your upcoming expenses. However, if you need more consistent work, you'll find plenty of options.

"Hourly work" is often the most flexible since employees are paid by the hour and can work different weekly shifts. "Part-time work" is a broader category that includes employees who earn a salary based on a set schedule of 20-30 hours a week. Fortunately, whether you're interested in part-time or hourly jobs, most understand the value of flexibility.

Jobs on Campus

Working on campus can be a convenient and rewarding option for many college students. Many offices on campus hire students to work office jobs, help with events, and serve as liaisons with other departments. Check the DBU Center for Career and Professional Development job listings for current openings on campus.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant jobs are ever-changing and offer a chance to hone a range of skills from customer service to report writing. Texas boasts the most Fortune 500 companies of any state, so the opportunities for starting at fast-paced, innovative corporations, such as law firms or real estate offices, are unrivaled. Small businesses also offer great opportunities for part-time work in college since many can't afford to hire full-time administrative staff. DBU's job board is the perfect place to start connecting with potential employers.

Bank Teller

If you love customer service and are detail-oriented, working as a bank teller is a great college job. Many banks will pay for your training and are happy to employ college students who can work Saturday shifts. With more than 300 bank branches in the Dallas area, you'll have a plethora of choices for this exciting part-time work.

Brand Ambassador/Social Media Assistant

For the social-media and marketing-savvy college students, being a brand ambassador or social media assistant can be one of the best flexible job opportunities in Dallas. Because the DFW metro area is so large, companies of all sizes are eager to engage customers in our city. Check out these tips on becoming a brand ambassador while you work on expanding your social media knowledge.


One of the best part-time jobs while in college is working as a tutor. You can specialize in your favorite subject areas and enjoy solidifying your knowledge by explaining concepts to others. Check with local school districts to see if they have tutoring programs that work in the schools. Grade Potential Tutoring in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is a tutoring service that contracts with college students in all subject areas, including test prep. Get creative and offer your academic services for topics beyond basic subjects. Proofread resumes and job applications, help students apply for internships, or offer to tutor college classmates in courses you've already passed.

Sales and Hospitality

In a large metroplex like DFW, the sales and hospitality industries are active and exciting. Sales associates working in retail, apartment complexes, and car dealerships often have flexible hours and enjoy product benefits from their company. Hotel hospitality can be a great fit for college students who need evening or weekend shifts, and there are hundreds of hotels to choose from.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Put your artistic skills to work by creating freelance graphic design products. Freelancing means you complete individual projects for a range of businesses and are self-employed. Graphic designers are in high demand to create websites, logos, and illustrations. Sites like Fiverr are a great place to find freelancing jobs that match your talents.

Food Service/Barista

The restaurant industry is booming, and there are plenty of job opportunities to go along with it. College students are well-suited to working in food service because of its flexibility, evening and weekend hours, and potential for great tips. Restaurants offer jobs for servers, hosts, cooks, and even delivery drivers. With more than a dozen coffee shops within 30 minutes of DBU, openings for baristas are plentiful. Look for jobs at your favorite local spots so that you can enjoy the free food that often comes with these positions! You can also search on job boards like Simply Hired for good part-time restaurant jobs in Dallas.

Remote Work

College students may find themselves with a few hours here and there between classes to work, and a remote job offers the flexibility to make the most of that time. Searching for remote jobs on sites like Indeed can feel overwhelming, so think more specifically about what kind of work you'd like before diving in.

  • What skills would you like to use? Online work commonly involves editing, typing, customer support, and data entry.
  • What is the minimum paycheck you'll need? Many jobs pay by the word, assignment, or project, so estimating earnings is more challenging.
  • What times are you available? While some remote jobs allow you to work anytime, others have required windows of time that you're "active" and online.

Regardless of which route you go for looking for a job, if you are a DBU student, please check out DBU's job board or reach out to the Center for Career & Professional Development, and they would be happy to help as you seek to find part-time work during your college years.

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