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“Clippings from my Notebooks”

Reproduced in Corrie ten Boom's quarterly magazine, “The Hiding Place”

Summer 1975

Cast your burdens on the Lord! Don’t try to solve the world’s problems through your own reasoning; you cannot unscramble eggs.

Those who give everything to God will lose nothing.

When man or woman listens, God speaks. When he or she obeys, God acts. When they pray, God empowers.

Winter 1975

Soul winning is a task and privilege from which no Christian is exempt. All are commissioned. Jesus said, "As the Father has sent me, so send I you."

Fall 1976

Faith means: depending on the faithfulness of God.

God’s word is mankind’s most precious possession.

Our life on earth is only the front page of the book, not the last page.

Summer 1977

Are you right with God? With men and women? Be right with God and He will make you right with men and women.

Are you willing to bear the cross, are you willing to suffer loss? Are you willing to go My way? Are you willing to do what I say? Make me willing to bear the cross, make me willing to suffer loss. Make me willing to go your way, make me willing to do what You say.

Jesus is Victor! Calvary is the place of victory, obedience is the pathway of victory through union with Christ; Bible study and prayer are the preparation for victory; courage, and faith are the spirit of victory.

Our part is to confess and forsake. God’s part is to forgive and cleanse. He is willing to do His part when you are willing to do your part.

Rejected light becomes darkness.

What can you and I pray for leaders? Pray for Christian leaders that God will guide them: pray for non-Christian leaders that they will give God control of their lives.

Fall 1977

Give room for the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Offer Him a clean dwelling by confessing and forsaking your sins in Jesus’ power.

God’s word is mankind’s most precious possession.

Surrender: The potter cannot form the clay if it is not one hundred percent in His hands. Surrender yourself, just as you are. He is willing to do the job of making you ready for His coming.

Why do you feel guilty? Because you are guilty. Bring your guilt and your sins to the Lord, ask forgiveness and the blood of Jesus will cleanse you.

January/February 1978

The Bible gives answers which cannot be found elsewhere. They far outshine the philosophies of men.

The love of Jesus is better caught than taught.

With a proper set of the sail and a skillful hand on the tiller, even the most adverse winds of life can be made to thrust us forward.

You have to give up the good for the better, and the better for the best.

March/April 1978

Complete confidence in the Creator can change the common caterpillar of unpleasant circumstance into the brilliant butterfly of unexpected blessings.

Faith in the goodness of God is the anchor that can stabilize us in life’s fiercest storms. It is the foundation – the solid rock – on which we can confidently build a life that no floods of adversity can undermine. It is the taproot that gives us strength that no winds of doubt can destroy.

Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, can transform our fear into faith, anxiety into adoration, worry into worship.

May/June 1978

Knowledge of the Scriptures trained by prayer gives obedience.

January/February 1980

God knows the answer to every situation.

It is costly to accept, but it is far more costly to reject.

People who throw mud at others have always got dirty hands.

The human spirit fails except when the Holy Spirit fills.

Summer 1981

A weak believer has a mighty helper.

Yield to the Lord in all things.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11