Page 7 | Volume 1 | The Leadership Journal of Dallas Baptist University

7 capability of our students, and intentionally seeking opportunities to engage our students in thoughtful academic work beyond the classroom. The idea of an academic journal encompassing leadership studies was ambitiously thrown into the mix of goals for the Cook School of Leadership, and thus began the journey of what is now before you today. I am so very proud of our faculty, staff, students, and graduates of DBU. God is doing a marvelous work through wonderful Christian leaders making a difference in the world for the glory of God alone! As we give praise to God for the expression of a vision stirred in the hearts of faculty passionate about loving God and loving others, I pray you are blessed, challenged, and inspired by what you read in our journal as we seek to lead by serving. To God be the glory! Adam C. Wright, Ph.D. President and proud former Dean of the Gary Cook School of Leadership