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6 Ducere Est Servire: THE LEADERSHIP JOURNAL OF DALLAS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY A Word from the President Dr. Adam C. Wright Ph.D. in Leadership Studies The study of leadership has always inspired me to rise above myself and become a better reflection of God’s unique calling on my life. As a student of leadership, I have come to realize that one of the greatest cravings in our world today is a hunger for Christian servant leadership. As we strive at DBU to embody the ultimate model of servant leadership through Jesus Christ, my hope is that you will discover deep fulfillment in serving and meeting the needs of others. This inaugural edition of Ducere Est Servire: The Leadership Journal of Dallas Baptist University is the culmination of a vision that began among a handful of professors in 2013 in one of our many faculty meetings. I was privileged to serve as Dean in the Cook School of Leadership from 2013 until being named President of DBU in 2016. As we dreamed of what could become of the Cook School of Leadership, we envisioned an academic division that produced Christian servant leaders, global thinkers, and Christian scholars. I am so pleased to see the reality of this vision manifesting itself every day on University Hill at DBU. As visions of moving into a new building on campus patterned after Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello took shape, where our academic division would be housed (we moved into this space in 2015), we also envisioned adding academic programs, strengthening the size and