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8 Ducere Est Servire: THE LEADERSHIP JOURNAL OF DALLAS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY Foreword Dr. Jack Goodyear Dr. Jack Goodyear is Dean of the Gary Cook School of Leadership at Dallas Baptist University In the Gary Cook School of Leadership, we understand that the world needs Christian leaders who are willing to step out in faith and lead in all sectors of society. Through our Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Master of Arts in Leadership, Master of Arts in International Studies, and Master of Education in Higher Education, our goal in the CSL is the same: to develop Christian scholars, servant leaders, and global thinkers who will impact the world for Christ. Our students serve in a variety of fields: health care, education, business, law, government, ministry, and military service. The interdisciplinary nature of the programs and diversity of the students contributes to our ability to achieve our mission in the CSL at Dallas Baptist University by producing Christian scholars with a heart for the world. As a result, it is our desire that God will continually produce effective leaders through our programs. We strive to accomplish our mission by exemplifying excellence in scholarship. One of the ways we seek to accomplish this goal is through the inaugural edition of our academic leadership journal. Through this journal, Ducere est Servire: The Leadership Journal of Dallas Baptist University, we aspire to share with our community the quality of scholarship produced by some our students, alumni, and faculty. We could fill pages and pages in this journal with recent, high quality work of our students and alumni. However, in this inaugural journal, we decided to focus on scholarship dealing with the massive disruption and multiple crises we have faced in recent years. While our world has been experiencing a time of disruption over the last few years, certainly this year, these disruptions have been magnified. The dual viruses threatening our society, racism and COVID-19, have revealed the void in leadership that will be filled by something in this world. We desire