Page 56 | Volume 1 | The Leadership Journal of Dallas Baptist University

56 Ducere Est Servire: THE LEADERSHIP JOURNAL OF DALLAS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY the self-interest of the trustee. In much the same way, Jesus’ image of the steward reminds leaders that they are to be watchful of their own ego. They are to put aside their own selfish desires and lead instead in a way that honors God’s agenda and provides for the good of the followers they have been entrusted to lead. When coupled with the other two images of leadership discussed in this article, the steward image reminds Christian leaders that they are to serve, shepherd, and steward their “flock” in a way that is unflinchingly for the best of others above themselves. CONCLUSION Christian leaders face a difficult task when leading in the midst of crisis situations. These chaotic, evolving, stressful events pose many dangers – both for the leader and for his/her followers. Yet they also present a unique opportunity to shine God’s light into darkness and to glorify Him. The leader must be prepared first to have a resilient faith, built up well in advance of the crisis, that allows the leader to rely intimately on God and lean into His strength. This personal spiritual resilience is key for the leader as they then face the daunting task of leading others who are facing the turmoil of a crisis. Yet the Bible provides a variety of images of leadership which give a foundation for Christians to build upon as they seek to be spiritual leaders. They are to serve God, serve His people, shepherd their people with the utmost care, and always remember that they are to steward both their people and resources for the benefit of God Himself. With this type of mindset, coupled with a resilient faith, Christian leaders have the unique opportunity to be vastly distinct from the worldly, egodriven crisis leaders we all-too-often see in the news today. By serving as spiritual leaders in the midst of crises, Christians have the chance to serve as mirrors for God’s light amidst the great darkness that is everpresent in crisis situations. In so doing, they are able to be the hands and feet of Christ to people who desperately need that hope in a crisis.