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M.A. in Teaching

Early Childhood through Grade 6 Certification
Degree Requirements Credit Hours

Academic Area

Credit Hours - 18

GSCI 5320 Pedagogy of Science

MATH 5304 Content Math I

READ 5302 Scaffolding Literacy Instruction

READ 5334 Studies in the Diagnosis and Clinical Correction of Reading Issues

READ 5338 Pedagogy of Language Arts

SOST 5340 Pedagogy of Social Studies

Professional Area

Credit Hours - 12

EDUC 6302 Research in Education (S-L)

EDUC 6304 Improvement of Instruction

Choose between:

EDUC 5321 Internship in Teaching I
EDUC 5322 Internship in Teaching II
EDUC 5608 Clinical Teaching

Resource Area

Credit Hours - 6

EDUC 5315 Introduction to Designing Instruction

EDUC 6308 The School and Multicultural Society


Credit Hours - 0

EDUC 5010 Elementary Core Subjects EC-6 Seminar

EDUC 5021 EC-12 Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Seminar

EDUC 6010 Defense of Degree

Total Credit Hours Required 36
Degree Requirements Credit Hours

Note: Refer to course descriptions for course prerequisites.

(S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.

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