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Steffy Andina

On August 17, 2014, Steffy Andina waited with excitement for a friend to pick her up from DFW Airport after a long flight from Indonesia. After traveling to campus, her home for the next four years, Andina headed to the International Office to check in and receive her room assignment. Amazed by the campus, Andina felt an overwhelming sense of peace to be at DBU. While leaving the International Office, the receptionist at the front desk called out to Andina, “Oh, and welcome to DBU!” It was at that moment that Andina knew she was right where she was supposed to be.

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Felix Pandutama

August 18, 2014 Felix Pandutama arrived at DFW Airport after a 12 hour flight from his hometown Surabaya, Indonesia. Soon to begin his college journey, Pandutama anxiously awaited the arrival of a DBU International Office staff member to drive him to campus. After finally stepping foot on campus, Pandutama met with his admissions counselor, unpacked his luggage, and ate Chick-fil-A for the very first time. Despite his jet lag, Pandutama was thrilled to be at DBU.

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Allie Hall

In August 2015, Allie Hall and her parents drove onto campus in a line full of cars holding anxious incoming students. Move-In day came and went in a flash as Hall and her parents quickly unpacked the car, arranged her belongings in her Crowley dorm room, and then shuffled her off to SWAT opening ceremonies. For years, Hall looked forward to college but she never expected Move-In day to be the beginning of a truly transformational experience.

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