Configuring Office 365 Student Email on Android

Note: Due to variations in versions of the Android OS, your particular model of smartphone may require different instructions. Additionally, it may take up to 1 hour for emails to completely sync to your phone. For assistance, please contact the Helpdesk at 214-333-5500, or on the 2nd floor of the Collins Learning Center.

DBU's new Office 365 student email system is easily accessible via any Android mobile smartphone. Once your Office 365 email account is set up online through WebAdvisor, it is just a few simple settings to receive the same email functions on your phone. (For problems configuring your Office 365 email on your desktop, please visit or call the Helpdesk at 214-333-5500.)

If you are on campus, please make sure that your phone is not currently connected to the DBU Wi-Fi network while going through this process. Once your phone has successfully completed the syncing of your email box, you can feel free to reconnect to our wireless network.

Open your phone's app drawer and select the app "Email". If you are already using your Android phone for other email accounts, you may need to tap the menu button and select "Add Account".

Enter your email address as and your password as your WebAdvisor password.

When asked what type of account this is, select "Exchange" or "Corporate Sync".

When adjusting your server settings:

a. Domain = (leave blank)
b. Username = (Example:
c. Password = your WebAdvisor password
d. Server =
e. Make sure to check the boxes for "Use secure connection (SSL)" and "Accept all SSL certificates" (if available).

A popup may inform you that the server requires security controls and ask if you would like to continue setting up this account. Select "OK" or "Yes".

Account options should be set:

a. Inbox checking frequency: "Automatic (Push)"
b. Amount to synchronize: "Three days" NOTE: you may adjust this to a longer amount of time if you wish to access older emails more readily.
c. NOTE: Make sure that you do NOT select the option to sync contacts. If you would like to synchronize this email account with other areas of your Android phone, such as your calendar, check the boxes accordingly.

You may be given an option to adjust the sliders to a color that will be applied to labels for any email that is received from your DBU Student account. If so, select a color and tap the "Next" button.

If your device prompts you to activate device administration, tap the "Activate" button.

When your device asks for a name to label the account, enter "DBU Student".

Your account should now be active and will begin the syncing process. You should see your account when you open the "Email" app from your homescreen or app drawer. NOTE: Your emails may not appear immediately. The account syncing process may take up to 1 hour to complete.

If you run into any issues or your account does not sync your emails within 1 hour of setting up your account, please contact support at (214) 333-5500.