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91 university. He had been in the workforce for approximately 20 years and was engaged in product marketing. Participant Q worked for a structural engineering and specialized design company (B) with annual sales of 20 million dollars. He held a degree in hotel management and architectural engineering from a toptier university. He had more than 20 years of work experience and was an engineer. Participants X and Z were from an electronic commerce and cloud computing company (C) with annual sales of 88 billion dollars. Participant X graduated with a degree in Arts and English from a private liberal arts university and made the National Dean’s list. He also has a master’s degree in Science. He had about 20 years of work experience. Participant Z graduated from a private university with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and with a master’s degree in Computer Science from a top-tier university. He had about 11 years of work experience. Participants X and Z were engaged in product development. FINDINGS Three prominent themes emerged from the phenomenological study on the leaders’ experience of forgiveness and its benefits in the workplace. These three prominent themes were examined. Of the three themes that emerged from the study, the first theme had three categories. Data was coded under these three themes, using a hierarchical structure to study the themes. Theme One: At work, certain common behaviors call for a leader to forgive. At the systems level, there were three categories of people the leaders had to choose to forgive: team members who report to them, supervisors or business partners to whom they report, and customers. Two leaders mentioned one incident each, where they chose to forgive peers. One of the leaders mentioned an incident where he chose to forgive a business partner. All the leaders expressed that they have offered forgiveness to their team members. THE ROLE OF FORGIVENESS IN LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL WELL-BEING