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107 awareness tailored in a format that enhances leader effectiveness could have long-reaching implications. The quest for self-awareness is a journey without an end, just as the man in the spiritual illustration of James 1:23 glances in the mirror daily to ensure appropriate appearance or to correct undesirable physical blemishes. There is a constant habit of reducing self-awareness to the field of psychology, rather than holding its rightful place as a preeminent factor in multiple fields, especially leadership. The value and benefits of self-awareness have been established in the current study, with the disastrous consequences of lacking self-awareness represented. The research expressed a summary concerning three key factors contributing to self-awareness: live humbly, become a learner, and engage the process. As leadership literature continues to evolve, self-awareness will remain a key to growth as a leader. Zuckerman et al. warned, “Leadership must be able to adapt and grow with the industry. Self-awareness is a key factor in the capability to do so.”71 Herzberg proposed self-awareness as a hygiene factor for leadership, further giving it credence and value.72 Living without self-awareness is an effectual prison sentence to a dismal and ineffective leadership style, inspiring leaders to view this process of development as a requirement rather than a voluntary initiative. NOTES 1 Murray Hunter, “Perpetual Self-conflict: Self-awareness as a Key to Our Ethical Drive, Personal Mastery, and Perception of Entrepreneurial Opportunities,” Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice 3(2) (2011): 96100; Esther Urdang, “Awareness of Self—A Critical Tool,” Social Work Education 29, no. 5 (2010): 523–38. 2 Mendemu Showry & K. V. L. Manasa, “Self-Awareness—Key to Effective Leadership,” IUP Journal of Soft Skills 8, no. 1 (2014): 15. 3 Joseph Zuckerman, Alan Friedman, and Mekayla Castro, “SelfAwareness: The Ladder to Leadership Success,” Chief Learning Officer 17, no. 2 (2018): 17. THE IMPORTANCE AND IMPACT OF SELF-AWARENESS IN LEADERS