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45 Leading Oneself and Others in Crisis Situations: Exploring Biblical Motifs David D. Cook, J.D., Ph.D. Dr. David D. Cook (Leadership Studies, '17) is Dean of Global Studies and Pre-Professional Programs and Associate Professor of Leadership at Dallas Baptist University. Leading well in the midst of crises is vital for any leader, but for the Christian leader, crisis situations present a unique opportunity to show the character of God. Most leaders shy away from the chaos and complexity of crisis situations as these moments prove to be highly stressful, uncomfortable, and even tragic. Yet the seasoned Christian will know that God’s light shines brightest in darkness, and that Christian leaders have an unprecedented chance to share God’s light and hope with people. More eyes will be on a leader during crises than at almost any other point in his/her career, and so these circumstances present a unique flashpoint during which the leader can serve as a mirror, reflecting the holiness of God in the midst of trying times. Despite this opportunity to lead in crises, many Christian leaders are not prepared to lead well in these situations. Yet the Bible is full of examples of leaders in crisis who provide a model for Christian leaders today. One of the wonderful qualities about the Bible is that it provides a transparent narrative of people who face both the joys and the crises of life. In the earliest written book of the Bible, Job recounts that “man is born into trouble” (Job 5:7). King Solomon noted in Ecclesiastes 3 that there are “seasons” of life that include both good times (“a time to laugh,” “a time to dance,” “a time to love,” and “a time of peace”) and bad times (“a time to kill,” “a time to weep,” “a time to hate,” and “a time of war”). The Bible is replete with leaders facing crisis situations: Moses at the Red Sea, David fleeing from Saul, Daniel in the lion’s den, the trials of the early churches, and more. And yet it also a book full of LEADING ONESELF AND OTHERS IN CRISIS SITUATIONS