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5 An Investment Job Security The unemployment rate for those with a degree is historically lower than those without a degree. In 2018, the College Board reported an unemployment rate of 2.2% for those with a degree compared to 5.7% for those without a degree.2 Demand for employees with a bachelor’s degree is expected to increase by 8.2% and by 13.8% for those with a master’s degree from 2014-2024.4 Employability Employers seek individuals of high caliber and impeccable character. Graduates of Christian colleges are highly sought after by companies because of their reputation of being dedicated and ethical employees. A DBU education gives you the skills employers want such as the ability to manage and lead people, creative problem solving, communication, and sound judgment. In today’s world, families are inundated with rising costs, and the dollar isn’t what it used to be, and we know that. Because of this new reality, any quality undergraduate education requires an investment on the part of the student and parents. For students, we understand the investment of time and energy. No easy A is worth it, so we push our children to excel and exceed all expectations, and sometimes that means hours of investment, knowing that the return will be greater. The same is true of the financial investment that is necessary for an undergraduate degree. College is one of the best investments you can make in your future. The average rate of return on a bachelor’s degree is 16%.1 College graduates earn 24% more on average than high school graduates for a total of $24,900 more per year.2 Over a lifetime, a college graduate will earn over $400,000 more than someone with a high school diploma even with accounting for the cost of college.2 What other type of investment pays you back in this way? The average year over year appreciation rate on homes in the U.S. was 14.5% in 2021.3 When looking at wise choices with money, keep in mind your long-term goals. 1. The Hamilton Project ( 2. College Board ( 3. 4. U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (