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A F F O R D A B I L I T Y At DBU, we want every student to be able to achieve his or her dream of earning a high-quality education. We are committed to helping make that happen, no matter your financial background. Students who may qualify for state and federal financial assistance programs can request specific information by contacting the Office of Financial Aid at (214) 333-5363. Financial Investment 21% 93% less debt for graduates than the national average of incoming first-year students receive financial aid Estimate Your Aid Use our student aid net price calculator at to see what aid you may be eligible for when you apply to DBU. Provide your class rank and test scores to discover your scholarship eligibility and how to increase your scholarship amount. Options for Financial Aid Christian Service/Leadership Scholarships DBU’s primary institutional scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated a commitment to their faith through service to others. Academic Scholarships For students who qualify for the Christian Service Scholarship, additional scholarship funds are awarded for outstanding academic performance. Institutional Need-Based Aid Thanks to the generosity of many donors, several individual scholarships are available in connection with specific criteria for incoming students. Federal and State Aid Every DBU student is eligible to receive federal and state aid based on the results of each student’s FAFSA report. Installment Payment Plans A variety of payment options are available for students and their families in order to spread out the cost of tuition over the course of a semester.