Military Science (Army ROTC)

The Army ROTC Program at DBU is in partnership with the Maverick Battalion. The Army Program comes with many potential benefits. Our program is all about making YOU the best leader you can be. The program will prepare you for life after college regardless of what industry you go into.

How to Join DBU Army ROTC

Step 1

Apply and get accepted to DBU

Step 2

Apply to the ROTC Program

  • 139R Application Form
  • 104R Degree Plan
  • 3425 Medical Clearance

Step 3

Interview with the Professor of Military Science (or DBU ROTC cadre).

Step 4

Register for the appropriate ROTC class and lab at UTA through your DBU advisor.

Freshman (MSI): MILS 1141
Leadership Lab: MILS 0180 (all semesters)
Sophomore (MSII): MILS 2251
Junior (MSIII): MILS 3341
Senior (MSIII): 4341