Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)

The DBU Air Force ROTC program is offered through a cross-enrollment agreement with TCU. This means that AFROTC cadets register for AFROTC just like the rest of their classes, but attend the AFROTC classes at TCU. The cadets will still be DBU students and pay DBU tuition. The AFROTC program provides cadets with the education and training necessary to develop the management and leadership skills vital to becoming professional Air Force officers.


  1. For the first two years, cadets take a one-credit hour academic class and a one-credit hour Pass/No-Credit Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) each semester.
  2. Upon successful completion of the GMC (the first two years), cadets that are selected for continuation in the program will attend a paid, four week, field training course.
  3. After completing field training, cadets enroll in the final two years, the Professional Officer Course (POC).
  4. Each semester in the POC, students take a three-credit-hour academic class and a one-credit hour Pass/No-Credit LLAB.