ROTC Programs

Reserve Officer Training Corps

The DBU ROTC Program has a tradition of excellence. Our program at DBU will equip the cadets with invaluable leadership skills that they will carry with them long after graduation. A few of the post-graduation benefits include:

  • Leadership and Career Progression
  • Excellent Pay and Benefits
  • Tax-Free Housing Allowance
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Advanced Schooling Certifications

The program is inspiring and gratifying. There is no long-term commitment required when cadets first join the program. Cadets can try out the program for a year and still gain useful experience. DBU ROTC cadets pursue degrees in a wide range of studies. Pursuing their degree while simultaneously gaining leadership and life skills help to set up the cadets for success upon graduation.

Meet the ROTC Recruiting Coordinator

"Here at DBU we have a tradition of excellence. This does not stop with our ROTC Program. Our program has doubled in size over the past two years and we continue to seek out the best cadets possible in hopes to continue that growth. Our program motto is “Twice a Patriot.” A Patriot for our country and a Patriot for DBU."

- Mitch Cantwell, ROTC Recruiting Coordinator
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Mitch Cantwell