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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to qualify for Apartment Life you must meet the following requirements:

  • Completed two full semesters at a college or university.
  • Complete an Apartment Life Application and be approved.
  • Maintain continuous enrollment as a full time student. For undergraduates this would be at least 12 hours and for graduate students it would be at least 9. (Mini-terms are not included)
  • Sign an Apartment Life Lease Contract

To apply for University Housing, please contact University Housing at 214-333-5455 or to attain your login credentials for the new online housing application.

Second Year Students
Second year students may apply to live in Apartment Life at any time. Freshman students looking to transition to Apartment Life housing may apply in their fall semester for the following lease term. Once your application has been approved by the Apartment Life Office, your name is placed on a Looking for Roommates List. Current residents will use this list to find replacement roommates or fill vacancies in their unit.

Current Residents
Current residents that are returning to their unit will register for housing each lease term by attending a Priority Meeting in the spring semester. At the meeting they will be given the ability to re-sign a new lease for their current unit or sign a new lease for a different unit.

Apartment Life offers a 12-month lease for approved applicants during the academic year, always beginning June 1st and ending May 31st.

If you decide to leave Apartment Life, you can either reside in the unit until the lease term expires or sign off the lease before the May 31st deadline. To sign off the lease, you will need to schedule an appointment with Apartment Life and have all roommates present at the meeting. You will need written consent from all the tenants living in the unit to release you from the lease. As a result from breaking the lease before its expiration, the former resident will be charged an Early Termination of Lease fee.

Upon the end of the lease term, non-returning residents (this includes residents that are graduating) must fill out an exit survey in the Apartment Life Office and turn in their keys.

All residents are required to purchase an Apartment Life Flex Plan to be used at all on-campus dining locations. This is the smallest meal plan offered. If a resident wishes to upgrade their meal plan, they can obtain a Meal Plan Upgrade Form from the Apartment Life office.

DBU strongly suggests that all residents purchase renter's insurance to cover any lost or damaged items. The University is not responsible for theft, damage, or loss of personal property.

Residents may decorate their Apartment/Townhome/Brownstone appropriately. Please hang wall décor with care. Extreme damage to your unit's walls could result in a fine.

Rooms may be checked for cleanliness at any point during the lease term without notice. Rooms will also be checked on the day of your move-out. If you don't clean adequately, you will be liable for cleaning charges.

If you are a resident of Apartment Life you are able to stay in your unit over the entire 12-month lease term, including holidays.

You can submit a maintenance request to Please include your name, unit number, and request in the email.

All animals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles or other pets are not allowed in the Colonial Village Apartments, Williamsburg Village Townhomes, or Brownstones. This is to insure a safe environment for all residents.

There are no established "quiet hours", but residents are expected to keep noise at a level that cannot be heard outside of their Apartment/Townhome/Brownstone with the door closed.

The Apartment Life Office hosts many social events throughout the year for residents to attend. Follow Apartment Life on Instagram @dbuaptlife to keep up with upcoming events.

For disability services, please contact Dan Gibson at

Students choosing to park on campus are required to have a valid DBU parking decal. Students can register their vehicles at no cost through the DBU Campus Security office.

Residents can pick up their keys from the Apartment Life Office.

Rent is due on the first day of every month. Late fees will be assessed on the 4th day of each month and will accumulate each day it is not paid. If residents miss the payment period for a reasonable cause, they may fill out a Fee Waiver Request Form found in the Apartment Life Office. The completion of a Late Fee Waiver Request Form does not mean the late fees will be excused, but is subject to the Director's approval.

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