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Online Course Descriptions by Subject Area

Below is a list of all courses offered online categorized by discipline. Check the Schedule of Classes for semester offerings.

Accounting Undergrad, Grad
Art Undergrad
Biology Undergrad
Children's Ministry Grad
Christian Ministry Grad
Christian Studies Undergrad
Communication Undergrad, Grad
Conflict Resolution Grad
Counseling - Christian Grad
Counseling - Professional Grad
Criminal Justice Undergrad, Grad
Developing a Christian Mind Undergrad
Discipleship Grad
Distance Learning Grad
Economics Undergrad, Grad
Education - General Undergrad
Education - Higher Education Grad
Education - Reading Undergrad, Grad
Education - School Counseling Grad
Education - Special Education Undergrad, Grad
English Undergrad, Grad
English as a Second Language Undergrad, Grad
Family Ministry Grad
Finance Undergrad, Grad
Fine Arts Undergrad
Geology Undergrad
Global Leadership Grad
Greek Undergrad
Health Care Management Undergrad, Grad
History Undergrad, Grad
Intercultural Studies (Missions) Undergrad
Kinesiology Undergrad, Grad
Leadership Grad
Liberal Arts Grad
Management Undergrad, Grad
Management Information Systems Undergrad, Grad
Marketing Undergrad, Grad
Math Undergrad
Music Business Undergrad
Philosophy Undergrad
Physical Science Undergrad
Political Science Undergrad
Professional Development Grad
Professional Studies Undergrad
Project Management Grad
Psychology Undergrad
Religion Undergrad
Sociology Undergrad
Spanish Undergrad
Student Ministry Grad
Theology Grad
Worship Studies Grad
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