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During the month of April, we called upon our faculty, staff, alumni, and students to help us #ShareDBU! More specifically, we asked for our DBU community to share their favorite moments or memories from their time as a Patriot on social media.

The #ShareDBU campaigns were generated out of recognition of the power of social media and our desire to showcase how the Lord truly transforms lives. As a University, it is our desire to be an outlet for such transformation. #ShareDBU provides our community a consolidated opportunity to testify to the ways the Lord works on and through our campus. Below are just a few examples of the stories posted this April!

McKenzie Schumpert


I don’t know how to participate in #ShareDBU without praising the Lord for His faithfulness. The second I arrived at DBU…. My life was immediately flooded with close friends, mentors full of wisdom, and professors who challenged me and taught me truth. My 3.5 years at DBU will always be an irreplaceable time in my life. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I grew in my faith more than any other point in my life, and I made memories and had experiences that I will not soon forget.

Dr. Jack Goodyear

Dean, Cook School of Leadership

Sometimes, you just need to have class outside. And when you can discuss individual rights, conscience, and due process in the shadow of Nation Hall, which is patterned after Jefferson’s Monticello, it makes class that much better. I’m thankful to teach at an institution that values critical thinking, integration of faith and learning, and academic excellence. Inside or outside, it’s always great to discuss these topics with our students. #ShareDBU

Zach Bean

Assistant Vice President for Advancement

When I transferred to DBU, I had no idea that I would serve as an RA, join a fraternity, go on mission trips, or have the opportunity to serve as a university staff member for the last five years. Most importantly though, I had no idea that I would find the woman of my dreams! I'm thankful for this university and for its mission to transform lives for the sake of Christ.

Silas Bijja

Current Student

Last Saturday I was a part of something really cool, our International performance as a part of this year’s Spring Sing! This is just a snippet of what I was a part of. I’m really grateful for God who brought me to DBU and I’m really grateful for DBU for giving me opportunities to meet different people and learn their cultures. I’m also grateful for DBU ISF for letting me join them in this! This is my #ShareDBU story!


Chip Ricketts

Professor of Marketing

For me, teaching at DBU is all about the students ... the long-lasting relationships and the opportunity God has granted me to have an impact on their lives. Here are pictures of just three: Josué Hernández when he was graduating ... he now works for Goldman Sachs; Krisjanis Jukumsons when we met for coffee in Riga, Latvia on a cruise stop ... Kris has his own marketing firm there in Riga; and finally, Daniel Dickens Jr. at the Breakfast of Champions last May ... he honored me by picking me as a professor who had an impact on him ... WOW! ... it didn’t hurt that I’m a golfer like he is. I came to DBU as an adjunct professor in 1990, accepted a full-time position in May 1993, and it’s students such as these three young men who make me excited about the future at DBU! #ShareDBU

Cassidy Rhodes


For so many reasons, choosing DBU is one of the best decisions I ever made. At DBU, I had the opportunity to be a part of the most rewarding, talented, and fun team (@dbupatriettes), meet the greatest people who would become my best friends (@alphadeltakappa), fall in love with my husband (thank you, Christmas Tree Lighting!), serve as Vice President of the United States... I mean @dbustugov (@bephenstoyd hahah), work in @dbuadmissions which perfectly placed me for a position after graduation, and finally, learn from incredibly smart people who care deeply for their students. I proudly #shareDBU because I love that little campus on a hill and am so grateful for every opportunity being a student provided. #goPats!

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