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Graduate School of Ministry Tuition

We understand that tuition is a key factor in making the decision to pursue a Master's Degree and we want to make sure that it does not prevent you from fully equipping yourself to pursue the call the Lord has placed on your heart. That is why we provide many scholarship opportunities and other aid programs. When all applicable scholarships and aid are applied, students typically find that a degree from DBU is not only high quality, but also affordable. DBU's basic graduate tuition rate is $959.00 per credit hour before the application of scholarships and other aid. To find out how to take advantage of the scholarships and aid available for students of the Graduate School of Ministry, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Rates Baptist* Non-Baptist
Rates per Hour
DBU Graduate Tuition Rate Baptist* - $959.00 Non-Baptist - $959.00
DBU Ministerial Scholarship Baptist* - ($100.00) Non-Baptist - $0.00
BGCT Ministerial Financial Aid Baptist* - ($100.00) Non-Baptist - $0.00
Scholarshipped Tuition Rate Baptist* - $759.00 Non-Baptist - $959.00
Rates per Semester
6 hours of classes at Scholarshipped Tuition Rate Baptist* - $4,554.00 Non-Baptist - $5,754.00
Maximum Church Match** Baptist* - ($1,400.00) Non-Baptist - ($1,400.00)
BGCT Baptist Heritage Scholarship
($1,000 per semester for 9 semesters)
Baptist* - ($1,000.00) Non-Baptist - $0.00
DBU Piper Scholarship*** Baptist* - ($500.00) Non-Baptist - ($500.00)
Estimated Semester Cost (6 hours) Baptist* - $1,654.00 Non-Baptist - $3,854.00
Estimated Cost/Credit Hour with Maximum Scholarships Baptist* - $275.67 Non-Baptist - $642.33

*Baptist: members of a BGCT affiliated church; find out if your church is BGCT affiliated.
**Church Matching Gift Program: Dallas Baptist University will match up to $3500 per year given on a student’s behalf from his/her local church (DBU + Church Match Gift = $7,000 Max per Year; $1,400 Spring Semester + $1,400 Fall Semester + $700 Summer Semester). Certain restrictions apply. Refer to the Church Matching Gift Guidelines in the Financial Aid Forms page for more information.
*** The DBU Piper Scholarship is based upon merit and need, and is awarded by GSOM Program Directors.

Tuition with Fees Baptist* Non-Baptist
Estimated Semester Cost (6 hours)**** Baptist* - $1,654.00 Non-Baptist - $3,854.00
Typical Fees/Textbooks Baptist* - $560.00 Non-Baptist - $560.00
Total Semester Cost Baptist* - $2,214.00 Non-Baptist - $4,414.00
**** cost with maximum scholarships applied
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