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Master of Business Administration and Master of Education in Higher Education Dual Degree Program

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Sandra Reid, Ph.D., M.B.A. Program Director
Mamo Ishida, M.Ed. in Higher Education Program Director

Studies in Higher Education provide individuals who are interested in a variety of areas in higher education with the opportunity to explore, with breadth and depth, the various facets of post-secondary institutions. The purpose of the M.B.A. is to prepare students for successful and rewarding careers in a global business environment regardless their chosen vocation. Faculty and staff members work closely with students to equip them with the knowledge and skills for future employment and leadership opportunities. The dual degree will give students the best of both worlds as the concepts are intertwined and integrated from a Christian perspective.

Individuals who are interested in higher education administration, student personnel work, university development/advancement, or teaching on the college level will enhance their immediate value to an organization with heightened leadership and analytical skills developed within the M.B.A. course of study. Individuals sensing God’s calling to be in higher education in any of these areas, or those who are in business and who feel called to serve in higher education administration, will be greatly benefitted by the M.B.A. and M.Ed. in Higher Education dual degree.


In order to pursue a Dual Master's Degree program, the applicant must apply to, meet the existing admission requirements for, and be accepted into each of the master's degrees which comprise the dual degree program.


Prerequisite course work must be satisfied for both degree programs.


Continuance in the MEDHE program past the first six (6) hours is pending submission of a satisfactory score on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE®).

Study Plan

  • 24 hrs
    M.B.A. Required Curriculum
  • 24 hrs
    M.Ed. in Higher Education Required Curriculum
  • 6 hrs
    Required Common Electives
  • 54 hrs
    Total Dual Degree

Master of Business Administration

Required Common Curriculum (24 Hours)


M.Ed. in Higher Education Electives (6 hours) - Students may choose two elective HIED courses.

Master of Education in Higher Education

Required Common Curriculum (24 hours)

  • HIED 5300
    College and University Administration
  • HIED 6310
    Legal Aspects and Finance in Higher Education
  • HIED 6320
    Practicum in Higher Education (S-L)
  • HIED 6330
    Research Methods in Higher Education
  • HIED 6340
    History and Philosophy of Higher Education
  • HIED 6361
    Teaching, Learning, and Student Development
  • HIED 6373
    Methods for the Higher Education Administrator
  • MACE 5302
    Biblical Servant Leadership


NOTE: Service Learning has been designated specifically through Human Resource Strategy (MANA 6323), Managerial Strategy and Implementation (MANA 6360), and the Practicum in Higher Education course (HIED 6320).