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Dr. Sandra Reid

Most of us who serve at DBU believe we have been called here and I am no exception. While it seems such a short time ago, I have actually served in various capacities since August 1998! It has been the most humbling, rewarding, and amazingly inspiring journey; one way beyond anything I could have imagined at the beginning.

I serve a primarily administrative role at DBU; serving currently as the Chair of the Graduate School of Business. A good leader is one who helps, builds, and develops others to be the best they can be; and that sums up what I have the great fortune to be responsible for each and every day, from very early to very late! With that comes the necessity that I provide creative leadership and vision for the strategic planning, academic excellence, and direction of those whom God calls to be part of the MBA and M.A. in Management graduate study programs at DBU.

It is never just me, of course; there are many on my team who have been called as servant leaders to support a diverse, global population of students and corporate customers, and there is unwavering focus on what can be, relationship building for influence (external AND internal customers), and leadership that is dedicated to serving others first. We are quite passionate about improving graduate curriculum to ensure students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed for competitive advantage in the workplace.

I work cooperatively to connect students with many DFW area employers for completing real life projects to enrich their learning experiences.


  • Recognized as DBU College of Business Full-Time Faculty of the Year for 2002
  • DallasHR 2014 Chair of the Board of Trustees (SuperMega Human Resources Chapter serving more than 2,000 members throughout the DFW area, SHRM Affiliate)

Subjects of Instruction:

  • Marketing Analysis
  • Advanced Marketing Strategies
  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Marketing
  • Tools, Rules and Integrity (Special Topics in Marketing)
  • Management Information Systems (MBA core)
  • Future of Leadership (doctorate)

Areas of Interest:

All things marketing and leadership development focused

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: 214-333-5280