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Master of Science in Management*

You have a vision for a different tomorrow. We want to help you create it. The Master of Science in Management is a specialized STEM degree program designed to maximize your potential in leading people and managing organizations. The program will challenge you to develop forward-thinking solutions and to enhance influential leadership styles. Courses are taught from a creative context; you will be challenged to be innovative while maintaining sound business acumen. Graduates will have the tools to be strategic leaders, possess a big-picture perspective, and to be skilled decision-makers.

While many business degrees are general overviews, the Master of Science in Management is an in-depth study that is designed so the student spends the majority of time within a desired specialized field or concentration. This practical approach allows students to develop competencies to blend quantitative, data-driven reasoning with mission, vision and people, allowing for a holistic approach to management. Students develop expertise to spot and adapt to challenges, using the traits of intuitive, creative thinkers in concert with quantitative analyses.

*This degree is accredited as specified at the College of Business Assessment Report.

Who Should Pursue Master of Science in Management?

The Master of Science in Management is designed for problem-solvers who are driven to make a significant impact in their world. Graduates will be prepared for managing organizations of all kinds and leading teams and individuals to heightened levels of success. The DBU Graduate School of Business is a Christ-centered launching point for servant leaders setting out to make a real difference. If you’re ready to think critically, not just memorize, create instead of recall, and lead instead of direct, you’ve found the right place! We’re equipping the next generation of servant leaders, will you join this journey with us?