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MBA Foundational Requirements

All graduate business students are required to complete the foundational courses for the appropriate program through undergraduate or graduate course work. Students who have not completed appropriate undergraduate business courses will be required to take equivalent courses (may be 5000 or 6000 level, depending on the deficiency) upon acceptance to the program.

Students who have completed equivalent business courses may have any (or all) of the prerequisite courses waived, if courses meet the waiver criteria:

  • The completed undergraduate course is equivalent to the 5000/6000 level course.
  • The course grade is at least a grade earned of B.
  • The course is taken at a regionally accredited institution.
  • Foundational courses from non-U.S. universities in foreign countries may not be considered for waiver.
  • Foundational courses will not be accepted if completed through correspondence, life and work experience, CLEP, or other standardized testing.

The courses listed below are prerequisites and may be satisfied through undergraduate credit.

These courses do not satisfy the 36-credit-hour requirements of the MBA program.

  • ACCT 5311
    Survey of Accounting
  • BUAD 5301
    Orientation to American Business Techniques and Culture (International Students Only)
  • ECON 5311
    Managerial Economics
  • FINA 51.521
    Foundations of Finance (Prerequisite: ACCT 5311)
  • MANA 6303
    Research and Statistics
  • MANA 51.521
    Management Theory
  • MANA 51.522
    Business Legal Environment
  • MRKT 51.521
    Marketing Concepts


Required MBA Core Curriculum

  • ACCT 6321*
    Managerial Accounting (Prerequisite: ACCT 5311 or undergraduate equivalent); MISM 6314 strongly recommended. *Not required of students completing the Accelerated B.B.A./MBA in Accounting.
  • FINA 6301
    Corporate Finance (Prerequisite: FINA 51.521 or undergraduate equivalent)
  • MANA 6302
    Quantitative Analysis for Managers (Prerequisite: MANA 6303 or undergraduate equivalent)
  • MANA 6310
    Leadership in Management (Prerequisite: MANA 51.521 or undergraduate equivalent)
  • MANA 6320
    Business Ethics (Prerequisite: MANA 51.521 or undergraduate equivalent)
  • MISM 6314
    Management Information Systems
  • MRKT 6301
    Creative Problem Solving Marketing Decisions (S-L) (Prerequisite: MRKT 51.521 or undergraduate equivalent)
  • MANA 6341
    Strategic Management Decisions (Capstone Course - last course in program). (S-L)