M.A. in Christian Ministry Degree Plan

For information on master's degree plans for FALL 2020, please consult the FALL 2020-SUMMER 2021 GRADUATE CATALOG.

Current degree information is shown below.


RELI 1301 Old Testament Survey

RELI 1302 New Testament Survey

Prerequisites may be met with equivalent courses from another institution or from a passing grade on the GSOM OT and NT Equivalency Exams and do not count toward degree completion.

Core Courses 24 Credit Hours

DISC 5302 Biblical Servant Leadership

GSOM 6310 Ministry Mentorship (S-L)

MACM 5301 Foundations of Christian Ministry

MACM 6309 Shepherding in the 21st Century

THEO 5313 Applied Hermeneutics

THEO 6305 Christian History and Heritage

THEO 6306 Systematic Theology

WORS 6303 Spiritual Formation and Worship

Concentrations 12 Credit Hours

Select one Old Testament and one New Testament course; and select two courses (6 hours) from the additional concentration options.

THEO 6322 Old Testament Readings: Pentateuch

THEO 6323 Old Testament Readings: Prophets

THEO 6324 Old Testament Readings: Psalms & Wisdom Literature

THEO 6333 New Testament Readings: Synoptic Gospels

THEO 6334 New Testament Readings: Johannine Literature

THEO 6335 New Testament Readings: Pauline Epistles

THEO 6336 New Testament Readings: General Epistles

Select four of the following:

DISC 6301 Christian Education in the Local Church

DISC 6302 Biblical Strategies for Discipleship

DISC 6304 Principles for Bible Teaching

DISC 6307 Church and Business Administration

DISC 6308 Disciple-Making through Evangelism and Missions

DISC 6309 Equipping Disciples for Ministry (S-L)

MACC 6301 Introduction to Christian Counseling

MACM 6307 Christian Ministry Travel Study

THEO 6360 Proclamation

COUN 5312 Counseling Theories & Techniques

MACC 6301 Introduction to Christian Counseling

MAFM 6316 Faith Formation in Life Stages

and select one of the following:

COUN 6310 Career Counseling and Lifestyle Development

COUN 6311 Addictive and Compulsive Disorders

COUN 6314 Marriage and Family Counseling

COUN 6315 Theological Perspectives in Christian Counseling

MACC 6302 Abnormal Psychology

MACC 6303 Christian Counseling Skills

MACH 6312 Ministry with Children

MAST 5313 Ministry with Students

and select two of the following:

DISC 6309 Equipping Disciples for Ministry (S-L)

MACC 6301 Introduction to Christian Counseling

MACH 6311 Early Childhood Ministry

MAFM 6353 Ministry to Families

MAST 6350 Family-Based Student Ministry

Select four of the following:

MAGL 5330 Introduction to Missiology (Recommended)

MAGL 5331 Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry

MAGL 5332 Strategies for Missionary Work

MAGL 5333 Local Church on Mission

MAGL 5335 Biographies of Outstanding Missionaries

MAGL 5343 Understanding Islam

DISC 6318 Equipping and Nurturing Small Group Leaders

DISC 6362 Christian Public Relations and Marketing for Ministry

MACM 6310 Leadership in the Hispanic Christian Community

MAGL 5331 Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry

MACM 6303 Conflict Resolution in Ministry

MAPD 5310 Coaching Theories and Methods

MAPD 6311 Developing Coaching Skills

MAPD 6312 Professional Life Coaching Practicum

Select four of the following courses:

MACM 6307 Christian Ministry Travel Study

MAGL 5321 Sharing Gospel Faith

MAGL 5326 Urban Community Development

MAGL 5333 Local Church on Mission

MAGL 5344 Strategies for Urban Ministry

MAGL 6312 The Urban Church in Transition

MAGL 6313 Developing Neighborhood Churches in Urban Settings

MAGL 6322 Transformational Church Life

WORS 5307 History of Worship Song

WORS 6308 Worship through the Ages

WORS 6326 Worship Praxis II: Worship Media: Technology and Production

WORS 6329 Worship Praxis V: Worship Leader Travel Study

Total Credit Hours 36 Credit Hours

Note: Refer to course descriptions for course prerequisites.

(S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.