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Master of Business Administration

Degree Requirements Credit Hours

MBA Required Core Curriculum

Credit Hours - 24

ACCT 6321 Managerial Accounting

FINA 6301 Corporate Finance

MANA 6302 Quantitative Analysis for Managers

MANA 6310 Leadership in Management

MANA 6320 Business Ethics

MANA 6341 Strategic Management Decisions (S-L)

MISM 6314 Management Information Systems

MRKT 6301 Creative Problem Solving for Marketing Decisions (S-L)

MBA Concentrations

Credit Hours - 12
Select one concentration from the following:

ACCT 6330 Tax Planning and Research

ACCT 6335 Financial Statement Analysis

ACCT 6355 Case Studies in Advance Accounting Topics

Choose one of the following:

ACCT 6343 Accounting for Government and Non-Profit Entities

ACCT 6345 Fraud and Forensic Accounting

ACCT 6346 Advanced Auditing

Business Communication

COMA 6305 Presentation Communication (S-L)

COMA 6307 Communication Leadership for Groups

COMA 6309 Social Media and Communication

COMA 6321 Strategic Communication for Organizations

Business Innovation Strategy

BIS 6301 Agile Leadership

BIS 6302 Strategic Branding

BIS 6303 Data-Driven Decisions

BIS 6304 Capstone Project

Business Intelligence and Analytics

MSITM 6301 Business Data Warehousing

MSITM 6302 Business Intelligence and Data Mining

MSITM 6303 Data Visualization

MSITM 6304 Capstone Project

Conflict Resolution Management

CRMN 6310 Conflict Resolution Management

CRMN 6320 Advanced Family Mediation

CRMN 6321 Advanced Business Mediation

MANA 6342 Employee Negotiations and Collective Bargaining


CYBS 6301 Data Protection

CYBS 6302 Digital Forensics

CYBS 6303 Operational Cybersecurity Management

CYBS 6304 Practicum Strategy Cybersecurity


ENTR 6301 New Business Creation

ENTR 6303 Marketing and New Product Development for Entrepreneurs

ENTR 6304 Strategy and Management of Growing Businesses

ENTR 6306 International Entrepreneurship


FINA 6302 Capital Markets and Institutions

FINA 6331 Investments

Choose two of the following:

FINA 6321 International Finance

FINA 6332 Futures and Options

FINA 6351 Advanced Managerial Finance

Health Care Management

HCMG 6310 Strategic Health Care Planning, Marketing, and Policy

HCMG 6320 Managed Health Care

HCMG 6330 Long-Term Care Administration

HCMG 6380 Health Services Management Capstone Initiative

International Business

ECON 6303 International Economic and Legal Environment

FINA 6321 International Finance

MANA 6311 Global Initiatives in Management

MRKT 6321 International Marketing

IT and Innovation

MISM 6320 Systems Analysis and Project Management

MISM 6350 Managing Digital Strategy

MISM 6353 IT Security

Choose one of the following:

MISM 6330 Business Data Management

MISM 6335 Data Communication

IT Security for Managers

MSITM 6311 Introduction to Information Security Management

MSITM 6312 Information Security Policy and Governance

MSITM 6313 Information Security Program Management and Development

MSITM 6314 Information Security Risk Management

Leading the Nonprofit Organization

ACCT 6344 Nonprofit Accounting, Resource Development and Fundraising

MANA 6348 Legal Issues for Nonprofit Organizations

MANA 6349 Creative Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations

MRKT 6340 Marketing Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations


MANA 6311 Global Initiatives in Management

MANA 6314 Organizational Change and Development

MANA 6323 Human Resource Strategy (S-L)

MANA 6333 Operations and Quality Management


MRKT 6321 International Marketing

MRKT 6331 Marketing Analysis

MRKT 6341 Advanced Marketing Strategies

Choose one of the following:

MRKT 6302 Business Development Strategies

MRKT 6303 New Product Development

MRKT 6312 Consumer and Buyer Behavior

Project Management

PROJ 6301 Prject Overview, Strategic Process and Project Initiation

PROJ 6302 Project Planning

PROJ 6303 Project Execution and Closeout

PROJ 6304 Advanced Project Management Strategy and Simulation

Technology Engineering Management

MANA 6327 Future Trends in Technology

MANA 6329 Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital

MANA 6333 Operations and Quality Management

PROJ 6301 Project Overview, Strategic Process and Project Initiation

Total Credit Hours Required 36
Degree Requirements Credit Hours

Note: Refer to course descriptions for course prerequisites.

(S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.

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