M.A. in Management Degree Plan

For information on master's degree plans for FALL 2020, please consult the FALL 2020-SUMMER 2021 GRADUATE CATALOG.

Current degree information is shown below.

Foundational Courses

The courses listed below are prerequisites and may be satisfied through undergraduate credit.

These courses do not satisfy the 36-hour requirements of the M.A. in Management program.
MANA 51.521 Management Theory
MRKT 51.521 Marketing Concepts

Required Core Curriculum 18 Credit Hours

MANA 6310 Leadership in Management

MANA 6312 Communications and Business Behavior

MANA 6314 Organizational Change and Development

MANA 6323 Human Resource Strategy (S-L)

MANA 6350 Creative Decisions

MANA 6360 Managerial Strategy and Implementation (S-L) (Capstone)

Concentration 18 Credit Hours

Select one concentration from the following:

CRMN 6310 Conflict Resolution Management

CRMN 6320 Advanced Family Mediation

CRMN 6321 Advanced Business Mediation

MANA 6320 Business Ethics

MANA 6342 Employee Negotiations and Collective Bargaining

MANA 6371 Motivating and Vision-Casting

CRMN 6310 Conflict Resolution Management

MANA 6311 Global Initiatives in Management

MANA 6332 Strategies, Models, and Processes

MANA 6333 Operations and Quality Management

MRKT 6341 Advanced Marketing Strategies

PROJ 6301 Organizing the Project and Its Components

CRMN 6310 Conflict Resolution

HCMG 6310 Strategic Health Care Planning, Marketing, and Policy

HCMG 6320 Managed Health Care

HCMG 6325 Business Ethics

HCMG 6330 Long-term Care Administration

HCMG 6380 Health Services Management Capstone Initiative

MANA 6301 Employment Law

MANA 6305 Talent Acquisition and Development

MANA 6330 Leadership Development

MANA 6331 Leadership Coaching and Counseling

MANA 6340 Workforce Analytics

MANA 6343 Compensation and Performance

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COMA 6303 Digital Media Communication

COMA 6305 Presentation Communication (S-L)

COMA 6309 Social Media and Communication

COMA 6320 Organizational Communication

COMA 6321 Strategic Communication for Organizations

COMA 6324 Communication for Global Organizations

Total Credit Hours Required 36 Credit Hours

Note: Refer to course descriptions for course prerequisites.

(S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.